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What Is Limerence in a Relationship & How to Deal With Limerence

What is limerence in relationships?

Limerence is a fascinating and misunderstood aspect of human relationships. It is sometimes incorrectly described as being “in love,” but it is much more than that. 

Limerence definition is that it is an intense feeling of being obsessed with another person and wanting them in your life – so much so that you cannot think about anything else. It is sometimes referred to as “crazy love.”

The feeling first appears when two people meet and become attracted to each other. Some people describe feeling like they are on drugs when they are with their partner. Some even go so far as to say that they are addicted to their partner. 

It can feel like it is impossible to get through the day without thinking about your partner. It can also make you feel depressed or anxious when you are not with your partner. 

Signs of experiencing limerence

Check out these limerence symptoms here:

  • People who experience limerence often say that they cannot stop thinking about their partner. 
  • They constantly feel like they are missing out if they are unable to spend time with their partner. 
  • The intense feeling of attraction can turn into obsession over time. Eventually, the feelings become so strong that they prevent you from functioning normally in other aspects of your life.

People usually experience limerence in the early stages of a relationship. The intensity of the feelings subsides as the couple get to know each other better and form a stronger bond. 

Some couples stay in a limerent relationship for an extended period of time, while others end it when the feelings begin to fade. 

However, some couples are unable to overcome the feelings and end up getting married. This can lead to serious issues in the marriage later on.

What are the 3 stages of limerence?

First, limerence in a relationship is characterized by a feeling of infatuation or romantic love. In the early stages of limerence, you may feel like your love for the other person is perfect and unending. This stage is known as “intense limerence”.

In the second stage, limerence is characterized by a fixation on the other person, which leads you to think more about him or her than about anything else. This stage is known as “perseverating limerence”.

In the third stage of limerence, you may experience a variety of negative emotions, such as depression and hopelessness. This stage is known as “depressive limerence”.

Some people are able to recover from limerence in relationships on their own over time. However, some people may require professional help in order to overcome their obsession with another person.

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How to deal with limerence in a relationship?

How to end limerence? How to get over limerence? Limerence is a feeling of intense romantic love. It is often described as an overwhelming feeling of affection, obsession and infatuation. It can be a common phenomenon in relationships, and it is often difficult to deal with.

Here’s how you can deal with limerence:

– For getting over limerence, define the feeling and explain to your partner what it feels like for you

-Share with your partner the impact it has on your life-Explain to your partner how it’s affecting you-Take time off from your partner to give yourself space

-Ask for help from friends and family to help you through this period\

-Find ways to distract yourself from the feelings-Seek professional help if needed (Psychiatrist, Therapist)

-Remember that this feeling will eventually pass-And most importantly, be patient with yourself and your partner!

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