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30 Signs You’re Falling in Love & Stages of Falling in Love

By Yashvisiroya


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Falling in love is such a great feeling, and when it’s with the right person it feels even more overwhelming. But how do you know you’re in love and with the right person? 

Is it an easy process to understand the signals you’re falling in love but is it impossible? Not really.

Firstly let’s start with understanding if it’s the right person or not. If I have to put it in short, the right person is someone who knows you have flaws but is still ready to accept and embrace you with love. Love doesn’t feel complicated with them. It has difficulties but no unnecessary complications. 

We, in short, figured what the right person is, but also there’s a thought that crosses our mind, how long does it take to fall in love? 

How long does it take to fall in love with someone? 

Honestly, the feeling of falling in love is heavenly, and it isn’t something that is time-bound. You could feel loved and taken care of within a week and won’t get the same feeling with the wrong person even after being with them for a year. 

But taking your time in knowing and understanding each other is important. That will help you understand that it truly is love or it’s just infatuation or a made-up persona. Make sure that you are in love with the real person and not their made-up self. 

So it’s important that you have these things right. Falling in love may not take time, but everything after you do. 

Stages of falling in love

We shall now understand the stages of falling in love and what love feels like. It isn’t a step-by-step procedure like a science experiment. But still, there are a few things or stages that can be put together to make it easier for you to understand when you fall in love. 

Let’s dive right into what does being in love mean:

  • First stage:
  1. You find everything perfect in them
  2. You feel butterflies when you hear about them
  3. You feel like spending every moment with them 
  4. Want to know everything about them
  5. Your mood depends on theirs
  • Second stage:
  1. You accept them with all your heart
  2. Their family is like your family
  3. You become considerate of their feelings
  4. You learn to give them their space
  5. You avoid any other distraction while spending time with them 

These are a few stages of love, and the feelings are love signs.

Causes of falling in love with someone

Why do you love someone?

After knowing the stages of love, let’s figure out how one falls in love. Why do we fall in love? I am sure you always must be thinking is it normal to be scared when falling in love. 

Yes, it’s quite normal and understandable both. You feel a lot and it becomes overwhelming to handle it. 

Falling for someone is both actions and words. A person makes promises through their words, and their actions show that they are fulfilling them. When this is happening in your relationship, you know you are with the right person, and when all this happens, and you go through the stages of love mentioned above, you know it’s love. 

Check out this video where some of our most respected philosophers have put forward some intriguing theories: 

30 signs you’re falling in love

All said and done, you should also understand the signs you’re in love. What does love feel like? How do you know you love someone?

Let’s get a little deeper into understanding how do you know you are in love and get to know the 30 signs you’re falling in love or signs of being in love.

Here are some sure shot signs you’re falling in love:

  1. Feeling the butterflies in your stomach
  2. Wanting to try new things with them
  3. Exploring hobbies
  4. Feeling the physical attraction
  5. Wanting to be involved in their family
  6. Thinking of a time when the two of you will get old together
  7. Doing future planning with each other
  8. You share each and every detail with them
  9. You make small gestures to make them happy
  10. It makes you happy to see them happy
  11. Sending cute and cheeky messages
  12. Flirting with each other over texts or when you’re together
  13. You’re scared of losing them
  14. You’ll read their texts over and over
  15. You will act shy around them
  16. You blush whenever they are spoken of
  17. Everything fades around you when you are with them
  18. You look at them and smile while they are doing simple things like driving
  19. Their smell intoxicates you
  20. You want to smell like them
  21. Your heart skips a beat when you think of them
  22. You start enjoying things they enjoy
  23. You remember all the small details they talk about
  24. Their friend circle becomes yours too
  25. You miss their voice
  26. Listening to their voice makes you smile
  27. You’ll do anything for them
  28. You read their texts over and over
  29. You send them pictures every time you dress up
  30. And lastly, you’re thinking about the person while reading this and smiling. 

So these were the 30 signs you’re falling in love.

Ways in which one can show love

Now that you have understood the signs you’re falling in love, know that the way everyone shows love and wants to be shown love is different. Every person prefers something different. 

It is called the love language. There are five types of love language

1) Physical touch 

2) Gifts 

3) Quality time 

4) Acts of service and 

5) Words of affirmation

There are basic ways to tell someone you love them. Every person prefers one or two love languages over the others. Knowing what is the preferred love language of your partner is important so that your efforts count and they feel loved. 

Why is loving easier for some than others

We discussed the 30 signs you’re falling in love with. Let’s also find out the reason why it is easy for some to love and difficult for others. 

It can be difficult for multiple reasons: like past experiences with their love interest. Not knowing what exactly love feels like. Haven’t felt the love from the family.

And on the other hand, it is easy to love for some because they haven’t had bad experiences or have been felt loved by their friends and family. They do not seek validation from the people outside. 

Tying everything up, you know the 30 signs you’re falling in love, people’s love languages, stages of love, and why it is easy for some to love and difficult for others. Love is a complicated feeling. It doesn’t come with a manual, nor does a person come with a trailer. You have to experiment, laugh and cry to find the perfect one for yourself. 

Good and bad experiences will teach you a lot, what you want in a person and what you don’t. What are the things you are ready to sacrifice in love and whatnot. You learn a lot about people, when you are in a relationship, be it through their friend circle or family background.  But you learn to rise only after you fall. So fall deep and hard in love. 

Why you love someone is so hard to answer. It has no methodical reply to it. Something the other person does just draws us into them. And the next thing after realizing we are in love is what to do when you’re in love, just embrace the feeling and bask in its glory. 

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