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20 Ways To Find A Suitable Partner

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While finding a soulmate might happen easily for some, for others, it could take years till their patience converts to questions. They don’t understand why they haven’t bumped into their ‘one and only’ yet. They meet every date with hope or try extra hard to make this one work. At times, they might even question their own self or wonder if their checklist is too long and they should settle for less.

Well, you get only one soulmate. And there’s nothing wrong with having a long checklist or a longer wait because, in the end, everything is worth it.  young-loving-couple-is-kissing-sunflower-field-portrait-couple-posing-summer-field

No one knows what your checklist contains, but we can definitely tell you what your checklist must include. Here are 20 ways to find a suitable partner. Bring out your pen and paper for these noteworthy factors to consider in choosing a lifetime partner!

Choosing a life partner: 20 Ways

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What to look for in a relationship? What are the tips for choosing the right one or choosing a spouse? Make the right choice by keeping these 15 ways to find a suitable partner in mind. 

1. Love yourself

The first and foremost rule of finding a suitable partner is to accept yourself the way you are. You might be meeting tens of people and each one will see a certain good and bad in you. You don’t need to adjust your beliefs to be likable because you can’t keep that garb lifelong. Sooner or later, someone will come who will accept you the way you are. And for that to happen, you need to accept yourself and practice self-love.

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2. Look out for someone you can talk to

We can’t stress enough that how important communication is in the relationship. It’s a foundation, a magical potion that sets everything right. So, unless you are with someone you can talk to comfortably, you should choose to wait for your suitable partner or if you find someone who deems fit, enhance the conversations between you two.

3. Look for humor

It’s all about who you can share a laugh or two with at the end of the day. So, always check the level of comfort and if the person can make you laugh. If the conversations can turn to humor and if the person can make you smile or laugh, there you have another tick in the checklist. 

4. Learn to be okay being alone

This means that your life should not revolve around finding a suitable partner alone. Don’t put all your concentration and energy into this. Keep a balance by paying attention to other aspects of life. Choose a life partner only once you learn to enjoy your own company. That will help you will attract all the right people. This will keep you emotionally stable too. 

5. Opposite attracts

Often, people end relationships or don’t consider someone saying, “We have nothing in common.”  However, they must explore the beauty of the uncommon. Sometimes, it’s sheer joy to discover new things with the person who likes things different from you. Say you are scared of adventure rides, and your partner thoroughly enjoys it. Eventually, you will try it and begin that thrill too. If not, then you both are sure to have a story to remember. 

6. Check goals in common

What do you look for in a relationship?

For someone to be your suitable partner, check if you both share common goals. When it comes to a relationship, your vision and beliefs should be the same. For instance, it can be difficult to handle if your money mindset is different from your partner’s. Or if you believe in a long-term relationship while your partner doesn’t. 

7. Get into the zone

You must be in the mindset of accepting someone in your life. If you are not ready to have someone in your life and you are okay with your present state, you will find issues with every date.  So, check yourself if you are ready for a relationship or for choosing a wife or a husband.

8. Don’t settle for less

If you are not able to find a suitable partner as per your choice or checklist, this doesn’t mean that you should settle for less than you think you deserve. It’s okay to wait. Don’t become desperate just because everyone around you seems to be happy and committed. By settling for less, you are undermining your self-esteem, and this will eventually cause resentment in the relationship.

9. Don’t get married immediately

If you think you have got a suitable partner, it doesn’t mean you should get down to planning the wedding right away. The time you would invest in making this wrong decision, you should rather invest in working on your relationship and understanding your partner better.

10. Don’t delve into tiny details

While choosing the right partner for marriage, you don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty of the personality. Just keep your checklist a little general. Every person comes with a set of traits, and you can’t completely control how they feel, how they talk and behave. So, while choosing and being the right spouse, it’s okay to neglect certain parts of the personality while that has nothing to do with major life decisions.

11. Keep the lust aside

It is very common to feel the heat right at the start of the relationship. That is how couples lose the purpose and thoroughly enjoy the honeymoon period. However, if you keep the passion aside during the first few months of the relationship as you select your partner, you can discuss some important issues with your potential partner and avoid things from getting complicated. 

12. Look for comfort

A relationship is not about thrill and adventure. It is about comfort, and you must look for a person who feels like home, not an adventure park. A suitable partner will give you a feeling of comfort and not keep you on your toes. They would rather keep things uncomplicated with you. 

 13. Practice soulmate affirmations

Everything is about your belief. So stay positive and practice soulmate affirmations that are based on the law of attraction of the universe. Some of the soulmate affirmations are:

  • I am happy to share a loving relationship with my partner
  • My partner is understanding, caring, and loving
  • I am worthy of deep and meaningful love
  • My suitable partner and I share an amazing connection.

14. Understand your love language

For any healthy relationship to build, you must understand each other’s love language. Considering you are looking for a suitable partner, you must be aware of your love language. This will help you weigh the compatibility with your partner.

15. Don’t hesitate in making the first move

It’s not necessary that the right person will walk past the door and ask you out on a date. Relationship requires effort, and building it takes time. If you think someone is right for you and will make a suitable partner, you should definitely approach them without wasting the opportunity. It is empowering and will certainly set a new dynamic. 

16. Accept a challenge together

It is important that you both face a difficult situation together to understand how you both will fare through life together. This will help understand each other’s approach towards a problem along with strengths and weaknesses. So, wait for tough times, fights to happen before throwing yourself completely into the relationship.

17. Expand your social network

 Hit the parties and get together with your friends, family, and colleagues. The more people you know, the more are your chances of finding the right partner. This is an absolutely great way to start. Ensure that you make time for such social gatherings to be seen.

18. Take lessons from your past relationships

There’s always something to learn from the break-ups. Observe why your relationship failed. What was lacking, and how can that be worked upon in your next relationship. What you should be careful of. 

19. Don’t lay your cards open right at the beginning

Take time to share your life secrets, quirks, and pain with your partner. Vulnerability is an absolute necessity in the relationship, but it should not be practiced right from the dating phase because everyone doesn’t deserve it. It’s a give-and-take.

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20. Don’t get impatient

Take time to find a partner. Don’t lose hope because every other person you date is a no-no. It is a sure-shot fact that someone will walk along and sweep you off your feet. You know it too.

All the best 🙂

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