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I Need You To Know That Self-Love Is A Slow Process & It’s Okay If You Struggle At Times

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The beauty within us is us.

The mess within us is us too.

You meet someone at the party, and you put your best face on. 

“Oh, I occasionally drink.” I booze hard because and keeps me going.

“Oh, you don’t like that player too? I abhor him”I bought tickets to his game last weekend.

“I agree; the movie has so much depth.” I can’t watch this. Better switch to something else.

You move beyond to please the person. They could be your colleague, your crush, or someone you are only going to meet once. In any case, while you bend over backwards for them, you slightly lose a piece of yourself- your personality, your authenticity, your uniqueness!

How many times have you put this garb on?

The reality is if you have done it once, you must have done it several times or are bound to do it more often. 

Imagine some of them bump into each other and strike a conversation about you. 

What would you rather have on your plate? All the people you got out of your way for discussing your confusing personality or them admiring how you embraced yourself through disagreements?

The world will not necessarily rate your ‘yes-ok-thankyou’ attitude highly. To be successful professionally or socially, you have to learn the art of self-love and acceptance. It’s almost like being interviewed for a job where you hold out your strong personality instead of acting accommodating.

The principle of self-love stems from respect. When you make a conscious decision to love yourself first, Lesson number 1 will always be to learn to have respect for yourself. 

In a relationship, self-respect can be practiced by communicating your intent, interests, and desires with your partner and not sit dictated. 

This will make you feel more confident about yourself and love yourself better. Self-love is about protecting, supporting, and defending yourself, even when no one else will. It is about acknowledging and respecting your emotions, thoughts, and boundaries. Just like you would unconditionally love your soulmate and go to great lengths for them, let that soulmate be you first.

In the end, what you bring to your relationship will set the tone of your future. Trust me, underplaying your role will not lead you anywhere but will only set an unfortunate pattern of mistreatment from your partner. 

Self-love is a rough road. It isn’t necessarily a hair-spa or gorging on your favorite chocolate. Self love is not just one act. It is an arduous journey demanding time, patience and sensitivity.

It’s about speaking for yourself even when you are most afraid. It’s about taking back the power and energy you gave to others over yourself. 

It’s about choosing to stay with yourself on a Saturday night rather than saying Yes to people you don’t feel aligned with. 

It’s about forgiving yourself for your past mistakes and not have feelings of shame and guilt.

It is about facing the mirror, dealing with yourself and being honest when you have wronged someone.

The process might seem like shooting in the dark but once you embrace yourself the way you are, you will see a changed world around you.In the end, you are a human being with your own set of flaws. Give yourself time and stick by yourself through the journey. 

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