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6 Ways of Holding Hands & What It Reveals About Your Relationship

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Holding hands is a unique and warm approach to expressing your affection, affinity, regard, concern, trust, and maybe heartfelt affections for somebody. It’s inappropriate to imagine that hands are held just when you have heartfelt sentiments. 

Now and then, we do it to comfort the other individual and impart a solid inclination. 

What does holding hands mean?

It’s a wonder what a straightforward human touch can do and how effectively one can console somebody in the most unpleasant circumstances.

It’s the most effective way to feel associated with somebody.

In a contention or during something that simply doesn’t feel right. You don’t need to say anything resoundingly. Simply hold hands, and you will notice some amazing things it does.

This is the power of holding hands

The science behind holding hands

While I, and probably most of us have by and by generally felt the power in holding hands, we may have no clue about there being a physiological clarification to it. 

The skin has little receptors that take in everything from the smallest breeze to a cut in the skin. Along these lines, when we hold somebody’s hand or embrace them, we feel all of them, and our minds respond.

Whenever we connect, a synthetic called Oxytocin – additionally named the “affection chemical” – kicks in and causes us to feel warm and fluffy inside. 

The impacts of a warm hold can wait long after the embrace: Oxytocin advances sensations of trust, support, and quiet. An embrace of hands could work on your physiological soundness.

Well, that is some strong stuff!

Isn’t it?

Why do we hold hands?

Along these lines, presently, you know there’s power in holding hands. 

However, it doesn’t stop there. Why do people hold hands? There’s a peculiarity known as skin hunger, which further makes sense of why we’re wired to answer decidedly to such gestures and to contact in general.

It’s the power of touch.

From the second we’re conceived, we need to feel near another warm body. 

These sentiments are intensified when we’re worried and feel truly defenseless. In addition to the fact that it also helps in advancing mental health for people of all ages.

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6 different ways to hold hands

Do you want to find out about the six normal hand-holding ways and what they mean in a relationship?

Here you go!

How to hold hand? These not only describe the ways of holding hands and the meaning of holding hands in different ways but will also assist you with disentangling a ton about your relationship.

  1. The down-facing palm

One of the more standard hand-holding styles can enlighten us really regarding the power dynamic in the connections. It is said that the individual whose hand is on top (palm looking down) is the more predominant one. 

Research also proposes that this has to do with sex contrasts since a man’s hand is essentially more regularly on top, in any event, when representing the stature distinction between the man and the lady.

  1. Interlocked fingers

Interlocking fingers while holding hands does it show intimacy?

You will observe all outcomes concur in one – this hand-holding can demonstrate an elevated degree of closeness and a mindful relationship.

Couples holding hands with interwoven fingers means they are agreeable and prepared to be weak when they are getting each other’s hand that it can address the degree of connection they offer and need for each other.

Check out this video to know more:

  1. The passive hand holding

Whenever the couple clasps hands in a delicate yet firm way, they could simultaneously show their arrangement, acknowledgment of limits, and need for commonality. 

This hand-holding style very well may be an image of delicate and profound association that isn’t suffocating or restricting their uniqueness.

  1. The relaxed lace

This casual hand standing firm on footing can infer that partners trust, care for one another, and approve of a specific distance measure. 

They are energetic about one another yet sincerely stable when far off. It appears relaxed, practically wary, with an unmistakable longing for actual association and delicacy.

  1. The wrist grab

From the get-go, this hand position can infer a requirement for control. 

Nonetheless, this may be perhaps the most private method for holding hands as you are interlocking your hands and arms as well. 

It very well may be an indication that a solid should associate with each other, which is confounded as excessively self-assured or possessive.

  1. The finger grab

Clasping hands can show that you are both free individuals who want to be actually close and lay out an association through touch. 

It might flag you both partake in your available energy and worth your peculiarity while having a profound association with each other.

Benefits of holding hands for our physical and mental health

There are also many advantages of hand-holding that we may or may not know about. Those advantages are simultaneously motivations behind holding hands:

  1. Holding hands helps our physical and psychological wellness
  2. Reduces physical and mental agony
  3. Increases closeness and bond with our partners
  4. It shows the earnestness and significance of the cling to the world
  5. It is a method for showing enthusiasm and love
  6. Provides backing and consolation
  7. Holding hands can be a type of control and possessiveness
  8. It is a gained habit from childhood
  9. It makes us more amiable and self-satisfied


Track down your approach to holding hands!

Be it a companion, accomplice, or relative, contact is a significant sense that causes individuals to feel more private and reinforced. Hand-holding is a method for laying out an actual association with the life partner.

While attempting to perceive what your way of holding hands means or how to clasp hands with your accomplice to increment closeness, don’t look for arrangements. Rather, search for thoughts. 

Then, utilize this data shared here to comprehend what your style implies by starting a discussion about it. 

Slowly and gradually, you will notice that your hand-holding style will change through your relationship as your degree of closeness changes as well.

Good luck!

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