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How To Cuddle: 14 Best Cuddling Positions To Infuse Love

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how to cuddle

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As humans, we have the ability to express our emotions with utmost ease and clarity. Whether it is anger or love, we have unique verbal and physical communication skills to express ourselves precisely. 

When it comes to love, physical intimacy is one of the driving factors. Research has shown that physical intimacy helps improve relationship satisfaction. Another study stresses how humans are wired to touch and touch starvation affects mental health. In this context, cuddling is one of the important ways of showing affection. 

But is there a specific way of how to cuddle? Does it have any deeper meaning? Let’s find out.

What Is Cuddling & Why People Cuddle

By a standard definition, cuddling means to put your arms around someone and hold them lovingly. This is a very common way of communicating love, and people often tend to show affection to their partners or children by way of cuddling. 

While, for some, cuddling is a way of showing emotions, it also has a deep meaning attached to it. 

  • Cuddling gives a person a sense of satisfaction that even sex can’t. It is one of the simplest pleasures very close to an intimate moment.
  • This gives a couple some moments of peaceful and quality time with each other.
  • Cuddling is one of the most vulnerable acts. Couples put their guards down during the practice, and this builds trust between them.
  • Cuddling is a form of showing love. Usually, one-night stands usually have a no-cuddling rule, and it is because it is an act of showing love. So, if your partner really loves to cuddle, it means they really love you.

How To Cuddle: 14 Best Cuddling Positions

how to cuddle and best cuddling position

How to cuddle?

Cuddling is one of the most comforting and pleasurable things. Cuddling is body language that expresses immense love because the way you cuddle speaks a lot about the relationship you share with your partner.

Check out these 11 ways of how to cuddle or types of cuddling, utilize them as and when required, and set some cuddling goals:

1. Spooning

If you are seeking how to cuddle, spooning is one of the most popular sleeping positions for couples. 

Also, when it comes to knowing how to cuddle, spooning also happens to be one of the most popular cuddling positions. This position is attained by lying down side to side and butt and back of the first partner facing the other’s front. There are two types of spooning:

  • Big spoon is where you rest your back against your partner’s stomach
  • Small spoon is when you rest your stomach against your partner’s back and wrap your arms around them.
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2. Pancake cuddle

One of the most romantic cuddling positions, pancake cuddle, is when one partner lies on top of the other. Here, one partner’s front faces the other’s front, and they are face to face.

3. Half-spoon

The traditional spooning position is given a twist in this position. Here, one partner lies on the back while the other on their side. They stay close but far enough to sleep or lie independently. 

4. Sitting spoon

During your cuddle time, you can try out this intimate way of how to cuddle. The sitting spoon or the lounge chair cuddle position means when you sit with back support with your legs open in V-shape. Then, your partner nests themselves in between your legs, and your front is their back support. You wrap your arms around them from behind.

5. Honeymoon

In the honeymoon position, you both lie down sideways facing each other. Then, you both entwine yourselves so close that you can feel each other’s faces. This cuddling position is called honeymoon because usually, in the honeymoon stage of the relationship or marriage, partners hardly let go of each other.

6. Leg hug

The leg hug is a type of cuddling position where you both want to lie down or sleep independently but still want some physical contact. Therefore, in the leg hug cuddling position, you or your partner places one leg on top of the other. 

7. Sweetheart cradle

When you both are in a cuddling mood, a sweetheart cradle will work amazingly well for you. In sweetheart cradle, one partner lies on their back while the other partner takes a side turn and nests their head in the crook of the first partner’s arm. This position allows them to be extremely close to each other.

8. The butt cheek-to-cheek

The butt cheek-to-cheek is a cuddling position where the partners are lying down in the opposite direction with their butts touching. The upper part of the body is partly touching,, and the knees are bent in this position.

9. Butt pillow

A butt pillow is your answer to how to cuddle when you and your partner have become quite comfortable in each other’s company.  Here, one partner is lying down on their stomach while the other partner is using the butt of the first partner as a pillow. It makes a rough T shape.

10. Arm draper

In this position, you and your partner are lying face to face with the arms draped around each other. You can also opt to include other positions here, like a leg hug or get closer for a honeymoon hug.

11. Pancake cuddle

A pancake cuddle is when one person is lying on top of the other. This is a rather uncomfortable but intimate position. Here, both of you are eye to eye, and your body is resting on top of your partner’s.

12. Holding hands

This is a cute and innocent position in our how to cuddle list where both of you are sitting side to side and holding hands. For any romantic couple, this is one of the most serene positions.

13. Seated hug

With couples having height differences, the seated hug cuddling position is one of the most comfortable cuddling positions where partners are sitting next to each other and hugging each other from the side. Here, one partner can wrap their arms around the other’s neck.

14. Yin-yang position

Last but not least, in our list of how to cuddle comes the Yin-yang. Here, you and your partner are lying upside down. Your partner’s leg is your pillow, while your leg is your partner’s pillow. 

Is Cuddling Good For You? 11 Health Benefits Of Cuddling

how to cuddle

As much as your body feels the cuddle comfort, there are also amazing advantages of cuddling. While cuddling, the body is in a completely relaxed state and it equally benefits both men and women.  Here are 15 benefits of cuddling:

— One of the reasons to cuddle is that it is good for the heart and helps lower blood pressure.

— Cuddling reduces stress, which means that when you feel connected to your partner, your body and mind let go of the stress.

— Cuddles and snuggles help release cuddling hormones or happy hormones. Oxytocin is a natural feel-good hormone that is released while cuddling.

— It helps you bring closer to your partner and increase the levels of intimacy and, thereby, understanding in the relationship.

— One of the effects of cuddling is that it allows you to sleep peacefully as you feel less stressed and more relaxed. It instills a sense of security.

— Cuddling and kissing also give relief from chronic pain and injuries. The brain blocks the pain signals and relieves the body.

— It is also a great immunity booster. This is so because your body feels good and healthy and this increases the body’s capability to fight infection.

— Cuddling therapy also leads to an increase in the levels of serotonin. Then, serotonin sends signals to the bloodstream, and overall, our digestive system gets improved.

— It reduces social anxiety. Suppose you arrive at a party all fidgety and anxious. A hug from someone will definitely calm down your nerves.

— Cuddling improves relationships. Whether you are cuddling with your parents, pet or a friend, it will infuse more love into the relationship.

— Cuddling is good for mental health. If someone is feeling low, a cuddle can surely cheer them up, lift their spirits and tell them they are not alone.

Check out this insightful video about how cuddling can make us better human beings:

With the aforementioned ways to cuddle, be all set to add some more love into the relationship and set some cuddling goals.

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