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Giving Up On Your Relationship? 15 Things To Do Before You Decide

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Every relationship goes through its own sets of ups and downs. More often than not, we question the very foundation of the relationship and whether or not we should stick or leave. A relationship is an investment, and before taking impulsive steps, we must give several thoughts, communicate and work towards building the relationship. 

Going through a phase of emotional exhaustion and feel like giving up on your relationship? Well, there are few steps that will act as a savior and help you have a clear head about your choice. At the end of it, trust yourself enough that, in any case, you will make the right choice.

15 Things to Do Before Giving Up on a Relationship

Should I keep trying to work it out?

Well, if you are thinking about giving up on dating and relationships, you need to give it a second thought. Is it the only choice left? Check out these 15 things that you can do before giving up on a relationship 

1. Communicate

One of the basic foundations of any relationship is communication. Effective communication helps solve a lot of short-term and long-term issues between the partners. One of the reasons relationships falling apart is because couples tend to hold resentment for long, and over a period of time, it aggravates. 

Therefore, it is better to let it out and have an honest conversation than holding grudges.

2. Accept change

Accept that your partner will change over time. They will not be the same person you met a few years ago. People evolved with time, and their mindsets change. Therefore, when relationships change, it is important to keep learning more and more about them over a period of time and be flexible in your approach. This can only happen if you accept to peep into their mind and be open to understanding them.

3. Remind yourself why you both fell in love

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 Over a period of time, love takes a backseat, and life overwhelms us. This can gradually cause distance between the partners. Knowingly or unknowingly, it leads to resentment that can be detrimental to the relationship. When this happens, you must remind yourself of all those right reasons why you fell in love with your partner.

Fight for what you love. Rather than seeing them in a negative light, recall all the good qualities that made you fall in love with them.

4. Figure out the root of the problem

 Sometimes, we go so far away from dwelling on the problem that things pile up in our heads. Consequently, we forget the main issue that is leading us towards the thoughts of giving up on the relationship, and we begin blaming the partner rather than resolving the issue.

Here we have to get back to thinking about why the fight for the relationship issue started in the first place. Check on the first issue when you felt the anger or had the thought of giving up on the relationship. Then, check the pattern to figure out if the issues of your problem have been the same throughout. This will help you figure out the root cause.

5. Practice honesty

Partners should avoid coloring the truth and be open to each other. Honesty provides authenticity to the relationship and lets you both be free with each other without any iota of doubt. If you let dishonesty creep in, this will give rise to suspicion and distrust and ultimately make the relationship toxic. 

Therefore consider honesty as one of the best practices of a relationship and be truthful about who you are, what you think ok and what you want.

6. Picture a positive future

 By picturing a positive picture, we mean to remain positive in all situations. Negativity starts in our heads because we let the situation take control of us. To get rid of this, you can start by thinking positively about your partner and the future you both will share with each other.

To avoid giving up on a relationship, make sure you practice positive affirmations about your partner. some of the examples of positive affirmations are:

  • I am lucky to have an understanding partner 
  • My relationship with my partner is built on trust, honesty, and loyalty
  • My partner and I are easily able to resolve all the relationship issues
  • My partner loves me
  • We are building a strong and solid relationship that is meant to last

7. Understand your insecurities

There could be times when partners forget the main issue and start throwing their inner insecurities onto each other. This can cause the issue to grow bigger because the Other partner is not prepared for it or knows anything about the insecurities. Therefore, understand what troubling you or your partner is or if there are any hidden insecurities.

 Once you or your partner figures out the insecurities, you both must create a roadmap of dealing with them. you can do so by opting for voice therapy, building insight into your reaction patterns, and then facing all those wrong notions or insecurities that reside in your head rent-free 

8. Think about your partner’s positive aspects

 Before thinking about giving up on a relationship, take some time and think about what makes your partner a good human being. Note down all that positive aspects. There’s no denying the fact that you will find more good qualities in your partner than think bad ones that are compelling you to let go of the relationship.

9. Spend quality time

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 Are you both giving each other the required quality time a relationship demands?

Make deliberate attempts to spend quality time with each other. This time should be e digital-free e where you only discuss each other and your relationship. Avoid phone calls or other daily activities during this time. Once you get to know your partner better with the quality time spent, you will understand their perspective and then be able to weigh the situation prudently.

10. Avoid the blame game

 It is natural to act defensive when someone leaves you. If you both are playing the blame game in the relationship and you can’t take it anymore and think about giving up on a relationship, it’s easier to give up on blaming each other.

There is no harm in being the bigger person and staying quiet in the moments when your partner is angry. However, it is also suggested that you do not for prey abusive relationship if things go out of hand. 

11. Practice appreciation

Compliment your partner often. It could be about their choice in a particular aspect, their attire, or their quality. Notice Little Things to compliment your partner. Observe small things to appreciate them. Your partner will also understand that you are making efforts to bring back the charm.

You can appreciate your partner by leaving small notes for them here and there. Besides, you can also share the load, surprise them with your cooking skills, Plan date Nights and be thankful to them often.

12. Work on intimacy

Learn to practice physical intimacy with your partner. It is more important to concentrate on these aspects to build your relationship. Choose physical displays of affection, starting with non-sexual touch in your day-to-day life. Ultimately you can introduce the long-lost Romance By being grateful and introducing sex Adventures in bed.

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13. Practice forgiveness

Bitterness in the relationship obstructs us from enjoying the bond we share with her partner. Forgiveness is important to let go of such negative thoughts And create more MP3 towards each other. You must practice forgiveness in the relationship by avoiding physical and emotional withdrawal And regulating your thoughts from time to time.

Check out these tips on how to forgive and move forward in the relationship:

14. Opt for therapy

 If you are thinking about giving up on a relationship, make sure you take a third party’s opinion- someone who is is an expert in handling such situations. 

 Therapy is often considered a last resort in any relationship. However, you need not go to a therapist when the ship is sinking. Choose to see a counselor as and when you both are facing issues in the relationship to nip the problem in the bud.

15. Be open to let go

So, when to fight for a relationship and when to let go?

When you think that the relationship has already gone too far to be recovered, talk to your partner, and both of you should accept the fact that it is time to let go of the relationship mutually. If there is no space for reconciliation, it might feel awful to leave a bad relationship when you still love the person, but it is better to be open about giving up on a relationship that will be beneficial for the mental health of both of you.


Giving up on love is not easy, and neither should it be because it is a whole lot of physical and mental investment, and when to give up on a relationship, it takes a lot to get back into the zone too. 

A partner does a lot in making our life complete. Therefore to disregard everything and giving up on a relationship should not be an impulsive choice. However, if the relationship is taking an unhealthy turn, giving up on your relationship is the best option for both partners.

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