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Is Sacrifice in a Relationship Worth It- Pros, Cons, Importance

By Yashvisiroya


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Do relationships and sacrifice go hand in hand?

Bonds, relationships, friendships all of these are so fragile. The stronger the bond or understanding, the lesser are the chances of going separate ways. We understand them and can better know why they behaved a certain way or did a certain thing.

Does this give them a free way to play with you and your feelings? Definitely not! Even if you have known them for long and are very close to them, things can go bad and you need to pull yourself out of it.  

We also need to understand that no relationship is built without understanding and sacrifice. 

Understanding and mutual respect for each other are of utmost importance. We need to respect each other’s boundaries and know where to draw the line. Understanding forms the base for wanting to sacrifice in a relationship.  

When we understand people and where they are coming from, our urge to sacrifice for them also increases. 

What is sacrifice in a relationship?

So, what does it mean to sacrifice in a relationship for others? 

Making sacrifices in relationships is a compromise we make for each other to make things work between two people. Is it necessary to sacrifice in a marriage or relationship? 

Yes, it is needed to compromise in love and relationships. But to what extent and without feeling like you are letting go of too much and barely yourself anymore. 

What is sacrifice in love?

Love and sacrifice go hand in hand.

Sacrifice in love is learning to understand each other’s shortcomings and dealing with them. Sacrifice is something you do to make things work but not let you burden yourself and feel like you’re the only one working for the relationship. It has to be a conscious decision and one where you are comfortable giving up or adjusting.

It can be a big decision and has to be taken wisely. Later on, making your partner feel like you are doing them a favor is not a good thing. 

Let’s discuss to what extent you should be compromising or sacrificing in a relationship. 

Everyone has to settle for something less than what they had originally wanted or expected. But knowing yourself, being aware of the situation is also important. There are a few things you certainly want in your partner, the rest things are either a bonus or a compromise you are ready to make. 

For instance, you want someone with financial and mental stability, very little emotional baggage and the person is loyal. These are your basic criteria, but anything you get above that you get is a bonus, and if not that is a sacrifice in a relationship you are ready to make. 

For every person the basic criteria are different and what they are ready to sacrifice. Don’t be ready to give up something just because you think that is the right person for you. This could be a life-changing decision for both of you and taking measured steps and risks is important. 

Later on, when the honeymoon phase is over the two of you will start finding faults in each other and start having faults in each other making your lives a living hell. 

Pros and cons of sacrificing in a relationship

These are some of the pros and cons of sacrificing love. Let’s understand the pros and cons of sacrificing in love. 


  1. You decided to let go because you were genuinely in love with that person. 
  2. The respect for each other increases. 
  3. You realize nothing is perfect and still learn to accept it and not hinder your love for the person
  4. You take measured actions so as not to hurt your partner. 


  1. You are continuously feeling like you are doing more for the relationship 
  2. Your sense of understanding reduces
  3. You start detaching from your partner
  4. The relationship becomes a burden for you
  5. Fights become long and endless

Importance of sacrifice in a relationship

We need to understand that maybe listing down pros and cons sounds helpful but we need to understand more about the value of making sacrifices for love because sacrifice in a relationship in itself is a very wide concept. 

When people are ready to sacrifice and understand the value of sacrifice, they also are self-aware that they are not perfect and the other person is also sacrificing on one of their shortcomings. 

So, why do people make sacrifices? Why is sacrifice important?

Relationships are always a give and take. You take what you are lagging and give what they are lagging. Two halves make one in the literal sense. 

The sacrifice should not make you feel superior or inferior. If at all you feel like the insecurity is seeping through, communicate well and very clearly. Not doing that will ruin your relationship. 

And if it continues to pile up, it will just explode one day, ending things on a really bad note and a feeling of guilt that you weren’t able to save your relationship even after doing so much. 

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Sacrifices you need to make in a relationship

We shall also discuss the relationship sacrifice you should be making for your partner.

There are certain things that you have to adjust and willing to sacrifice without making a fuss or a big deal out of it. 

Let’s list down a few things that we should sacrifice in a relationship.

  1. To start with, let go of the ego 
  2. Learn to accept your faults
  3. Don’t use your shortcomings as an excuse 
  4. Don’t let your past get in between your present and future
  5. Never disrespect your partner or their family 

Check out these types of disrespect in the relationship that needs to stop:

These are a few things you have to be careful about in a relationship. 


Concluding our in-depth discussion on what does it mean to make a sacrifice in a relationship, we have reached a conclusion on how it is necessary, but we need to understand the degree and need of the sacrifice. 

To make a sacrifice, letting go should be out of love and compassion not because of inferiority or superiority complex. It will ruin your relationship and cause a lot of fights. 

Always make your partner feel special even though they are not perfect. Even you are not perfect. Compliment each other in each other’s shortcomings and see how much you enjoy your relationship and love will not feel all that difficult and challenging. 

The right person will never make it difficult for you to love or stick around. The times may get worse, but if you stand by each other you will bypass all storms and come out even stronger. Love is a sacrifice. Believe in yourself and your love for your partner. 

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By Yashvisiroya


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