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How to Have a Clean Break Up: 15 Tips

Breakups are so hard. It’s so difficult to forget about someone you thought you’d have a future with. Everything comes crashing on you.  You try your best to save the relationship, talk things through, find a middle ground and attempt anything and everything you can do. 

You feel like you have lost a part of yourself with the relationship. You never want to fall in love again. But you can always decide to have a clean break up and make a clean break. 

What is a ‘clean’ breakup?

There are three major kinds of breakups; one where the girl leaves for certain reasons, the second one is where the guy leaves and the third being a mutual one or a clean breakup.

When a girl leaves or vice versa, there are multiple reasons like cheating, lost interest, falling out of love, family issues, and other such reasons. 

But in a clean break up that is not the case, it is usually mutually, where both parties agree to part ways as they know there is no future for them together and the longer they continue the harder it will be for them to get over one another. 

In a nutshell, here’s the definition of a clean break:

A clean break in a relationship is when you decide to cut off from another with understanding and no drama and negativity between each other. The both of you understand the reasons behind it and respect the choices you have made and stick to them, without causing any further trouble.  

Does a ‘clean’ breakup work and why should you consider it?

Are clean break ups easy? Absolutely not. But are they better than the other two? Hell, yes. It is better to go on your own ways with no hard feelings towards each other rather than ending up hating and despising each other. 

All this discussion makes you feel like doing a clean break up work and should you consider it. 

You should definitely consider a mutual break up. Mutually breaking up saves you a lot of pain and feelings of betrayal. Both of you understand the reason behind the break up and part ways without hard feelings towards each other. You’ll don’t end up hating one another. 

Very few people can actually have a clean break up. People find it difficult to come to terms with reality and don’t want to talk and confront each other, and that makes it difficult for them to get on common grounds. 

15 effective ways on how to have a clean breakup

Let’s get to know 15 ways to have a clean break up:

1. Be sure

Be a hundred percent sure of the decision you have taken. It can only be comparatively easy if you are not having any second thoughts and give your reasons firmly.

2. Learn to let them go

Once you have made the decision, then learn to let go. Holding on to them or their things won’t be of much help. It will just cause more pain. 

3. Don’t be in touch with them

Avoid all sorts of contact with them. Having any sort of contact with them will make both of you weak in your decisions. So stay away from each other.

4. Empathize

If you are the one who has made the decision, then empathize with them and give them some time to come to terms with your decision.

And if you are on the other side of the spectrum, then take your time, screaming each other’s head off isn’t the best idea. Understand their reasons and move forward in life.

5. Return their belongings

If you have their stuff, gifts, or any kind of materialistic thing, then please return them back, even if they insist you have them. Not having a constant reminder of a person who’s no more a part of your life is important. It’ll make your journey of healing easier. 

6. Cut yourself politely from the common friends

Over the span of your relationship, you end up having common friends and groups. Politely cut yourself out from there. Don’t make it a big deal or difficult for the other person to be in the group. 

7. Take your time in healing 

Let yourself feel the pain and the hurt. Cry it out. But let yourself feel everything. The more you feel the better it will help you in healing. Share it with your friends. You will feel better.

8. Don’t stalk them on social media

A clean break up can only be successful when you are done and done for good. Stalking them on social media and keeping a tab on their current lifestyle will make it difficult for you to forget and heal yourself. 

9. Avoid meeting them

Meeting them even on friendly dates is not something that should cross your mind. If you’ve casually bumped into one another, then it’s ok, but do not set up a meeting just to catch up on each other.

10. Cut off contact with an ex 

Don’t even think of being only friends after a break up. Going back to being just friends or keeping away the feelings is going to be very difficult and torturous for the both of you. 

11. Don’t gain sympathy through social media

Do not fill your entire social media with sad and dull break up stuff. People will only take advantage of your vulnerability and dig in your past scars. So social media help is a no-go.

12. Don’t make the other person sound ugly in front of others

Do not bad mouth the person you were in a relationship with. It’s a mutually decided decision and doing anything that makes the other person look bad is not a good way to get over anyone.

13. Stay firm on your decision

Do not under any circumstances waver from your decision. Once you’ve decided to walk out, stay put. Nothing should make you want to feel like you want to get back with them. 

14. Communicate correctly

When you decide to break off, communicate the reasons correctly and voice your opinions and fears in the right way. Don’t make it a screaming match and hard to part ways.

15. Avoid carrying the luggage

Don’t bring in the baggage of the previous relationship in the current one while you’re trying to find a middle ground to break off clean in the relationship. 

Check out this video on dealing with emotional baggage in the relationship:


Concluding on the fact that break ups are not easy, but clean break ups can make it simpler to deal with and heal as well. So rather than creating a scene or causing drama, it’s better to settle down with no negative feelings towards each other. 

Respect each other’s boundaries and take the break up as a wake-up call and to move forward. 

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