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How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated: 15 Tips

By Yashvisiroya


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Such a weird feeling it is right to get over someone you love but never dated. You have feelings for them, but either they are not aware, or they don’t feel the same way for you. 

And in both cases, you are bound to get hurt. Most of the time, you cannot do much to get over this feeling. 

You can be infatuated with someone you barely know and wouldn’t know what to do as it is too early to confess or tell them how you feel about them. 

Is this really love or just attraction that you will find out over time, but if it is love and they do not respond to your feelings, you feel as if you have lost a relationship when you have never been in a relationship with them. 

Getting over someone you never dated or getting over a girl/guy you never dated is heartbreaking. But nonetheless, getting over it is important. 

How to get over it is a big question but necessary as you will keep hurting yourself with either the feeling of rejection or never confessing it because of the fear of rejection or already being aware of their feeling towards you. 

Can you be heartbroken over someone you never dated?

The honest answer is yes. You can feel heartbroken over someone you have never dated. Sometimes your feelings just don’t arise from dating or being in a relationship. 

You just start feeling for them, and even you do not have a solid answer as to how you ended up in a position like this. 

The thing is, why is it hard to get over someone? 

There is no definite answer to this. But the most obvious reason could be that you did not get the kind of response you were looking for. The feeling is heartbreaking, and mostly you don’t know how to really feel about it. 

How do you get over someone you never dated?

Here are a few things you can do to get over someone you never dated. 

  1. Write down all your feelings so that you feel lighter
  2. Do not stalk them on social media either through your or anyone else’s account
  3. Avoid being in contact with them 
  4. Take someone’s help don’t try to fight it all alone
  5. Stay away from the idea of getting into a new relationship to feel better or to forget the other person. 

These are a few tips for getting over someone. Following these tips will help you when you are trying to get over them.  

15 tips to get over someone you never dated

Here are some ways you can get over the love that did not work out in your favor. 

  • Don’t let them take over your thoughts

You should not be dreaming about a girl you never met or dated. You’ll hurt yourself all the more, and that isn’t going to help getting over someone in any way.

  • Avoid flirty conversations

Another best way to get over someone is to not be overly sweet or caring or pass flirty comments. It will end up with wrong and confusing signals for the other person.

  • Give yourself time to heal

If you’ve decided not to persuade the person or have got rejected. Give yourself some time to heal. Things won’t change themselves and definitely not overnight. So give it time. 

  • Take the risk of expressing your feelings

If you really love them, then go for it. Give it a shot. Maybe they like you back or have feelings for you as well. The greater the risk the greater the reward. But the risks should be measured correctly.

  • Pamper yourself

Getting over a guy you never dated but still feel for him, and you know he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, don’t go into self-pity instead, pamper yourself and make yourself feel better.

Check out these ways to pamper yourself:

  • Interact with more people

You can get over someone you never dated by meeting new people and letting yourself a little loose. It will give a new perspective and something to look forward to. 

  • Don’t avoid social interactions

Go out with friends and family. Don’t avoid the outings because you are sad. A change of environment can do wonders to your overthinking mind and your sullen mood.

  • Take up a new hobby

Rather than mindlessly thinking about them, develop a new hobby and keep yourself occupied. It will release happy hormones, which will make you feel rejuvenated. 

  • Don’t go over old texts

If you’ve had conversations with them over texts, refrain from rereading them. You’ll just hurt yourself more, and it’ll become all the more difficult getting over someone you never dated.

  • Focus on your career

Work hard on yourself. You have a life of your own with or without them. So don’t forget to focus on building yourself and your career.

  • Indulge in some physical activity

Keep yourself fit. Workout daily. You’ll feel more energetic and revived. You’ll find yourself having better and more positive thoughts. 

  • Burn old bridges

Don’t try to stay in touch with them. Even if you’re old friends or whatever it is. Burn those bridges and free yourself from the clutches of the old memories.

  • Start seeing someone new

If it’s been a while and you feel like you are ready, see someone new. Don’t be rigid, and keep all your options open. 

  • Don’t hold on to it for too long

Don’t hold on to them or your feelings for them for too long. It will destroy your inner peace and mental stability as well.

  • Lastly, none of you are to be blamed

Blaming anyone in a matter like this is incorrect. You have to respect yours as well as their feelings. So do not blame or bad-mouth anyone. 

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Wrapping up

To tie everything together to get over someone, especially someone you love, is very difficult, and if it has to be getting over someone you never dated, which means no closure, it is all the more difficult and hard on yourself.

So take it easy, we know it’s not. It’s easier said than done, but we can just give you moral support and encouragement. You’ll have to do the inner work and seek help if need be. Don’t shy away from it. Be it from a professional or your friends. Don’t let yourself slip away, hold on tight. All will get better. 

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