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Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone: 10 Things That Are Blocking You

By Yashvisiroya


Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone

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Love is so difficult, isn’t it? So hard to understand and then unlearn everything you understood over the course of loving someone. Can you stop loving your ex? 

Before we get there, let’s understand the reasons the breakup would have happened, who was at fault, and is the break up in your favor or not. 

We cannot cover all the reasons why a breakup would have happened, but we can consider the most common ones and who would have been at fault in the circumstances. Also please understand we are not specifically putting someone in a bad light. These are just examples for better understanding. 

Let’s take 3 instances of breakups and discuss them in-depth. 

1. One of the partners is cheating or has been found cheating. 

In this case: If you are the one who has gotten cheated on and you decided to walk away from the relationship, you made the right decision. Even though you might feel like you could give them a chance to rectify their mistake. It might not be a smart choice.

On the other hand, if you are the one cheating on your partner, and have been left, you should have thought before you cheated on your partner and now feeling guilty wouldn’t help much. 

2. You have fallen out of love or started liking someone else.

If you are the one who has fallen out of love and now regret it, it will be hard for you to explain to your partner that something like this won’t happen again.

And if you are the one who was dumped because your partner didn’t feel the love and connection anymore, it’s purely your decision if you feel like taking them back or not.  

3. You both decided to end it on mutual grounds. 

Here no one is at fault. In this case, both of you have decided to part ways amicably, and have no hard feelings for each other. But it might be difficult to get over them and deal with the breakup. 

Now taking these 3 instances into consideration, let me walk you through if the breakup was a good thing or not. 

In the first example where the person has cheated on you, it’s better to walk away from a person like this. A second chance can make the relationship toxic.  

If you are the one who has cheated, then it’s a little too late to think that you lost the other person and miss them now. Pressuring your partner to take you back is not something you should do. 

In the second instance, it’s better to move on, the chance that they will feel anything is very little. 

Now talking about the last one, where the breakup has happened on mutual grounds, it’s difficult to forget about your partner as there was nothing bad attached to them. 

Can you ever forget your love?

Is it impossible to forget someone you used to love? No, it is not. It surely takes time, effort, and bad days, but you can get there. Moving on can be difficult, but it is necessary to get out of the hole and rebuild yourself. 

The question arises can you stop loving someone? 

The answer is yes and no. Confusing right? 

Let me simplify it for you. It’s a yes in the sense, that you make space to let someone new enter your life and love you again. No, because the soft spot for them, the care and concern for them will never go away. It can be both a good thing and a bad thing. 

Does time make you stop loving someone?

No. Time is best known for healing you or getting over someone you loved. This means over time the memory and the absence of the person won’t hurt. But time does not erase incidents from our lives. Once the things that played like a loop in our head become a small part of our memory over time. 

10 things that are blocking you from moving on

Now let’s discuss 10 reasons why you are not able to move on from your ex. 

1. If it’s comparatively recent, give yourself some time you are holding on to get over it

2. You are holding onto the memories for too long

3. Not investing your time in something productive

4. Stalking them

5. Still being in continuous touch with them 

6. Not giving love another chance 

7. Talking repeatedly about the past keeps everything in your head fresh and makes it difficult to forget

8.. They keep contacting you and give mixed/wrong signals 

9. Being in the same friend circle or any other group

10. Lastly, staying in touch under the name of being just friends or hoping to be just friends again

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These are the 10 reasons that are making it difficult to move on from your ex. 

Does moving on mean you stopped loving your ex?

I am sure the question is- Can you completely stop loving someone who pops up in your head or let go of someone you love who can’t be with you. 

Honestly, you don’t need to stop loving someone. Just get immune that you cannot love them the same love you used. You don’t have rights over them anymore. This will also help you accept the circumstance and let someone new in your life. 

Concluding and tying everything up we discussed above, and the biggest question of the hour, can you ever stop loving someone? Not really, but you learn to live with the fact they are no more a part of your life. Time heals the injury and pain; the scar might not disappear. 

How to move on from someone or get over a lost love? Moving on is important but that doesn’t mean that you did not have feelings for your ex. And lastly, if you wonder can you ever stop loving someone, you can never stop loving, you just don’t feel the same way you used to. 

Wrapping up

Love is hard and confusing. But with the right person holding your hands and walking right by you, it won’t be all that bad. You’ll stand stronger and taller and face all problems without leaving each other’s side. 

Just keep faith in love. It’s a rollercoaster ride. The highs and lows keep coming, but only with the right one will you enjoy the lows as much as the highs. Keep loving.  

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