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Why Do Narcissists Refuse to Apologize- 5 Reasons

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Do narcissists apologize? Well, when it comes to being in a relationship with a narcissist, you may have a hard time drawing out an apology from them because of their nature.

But what keeps them from it? Why do we wonder, “Do narcissists apologize?” Let’s find out.

What does a narcissist apology look like?

When it comes to ‘Do narcissists apologize?” Narcissistic apologies are not really verbal. They would not admit guilt. They are experts at fake apologies and non-apologies. You will not feel the issue is resolved even if they apologize. Narcissists don’t take responsibility for their behavior. 

So, will a narcissist apologize? This is what a narcissistic apology looks like – Authoritarian and aggressive. But do not be fooled! This behavior of inability to apologize narcissistically is how they keep the relationship working in their favor and avoid taking responsibility for their actions. 

Do you find yourself saying things like “I’m sorry” all the time? Are you apologizing even if you did nothing wrong? Is it difficult to set boundaries with someone who has repeated the behavior that causes you to feel triggered? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time for you to consider whether or not a narcissistic relationship is good for you because narcissists never apologize.

What happens when you say sorry to a narcissist?

When you apologize to a narcissist, you are likely to receive a furious reaction. They will try to dominate you and make you feel small. They may even try to hurt your feelings. You might feel hurt, angry, or sad about this experience.

Do narcissists accept apologies? It’s important to remember that narcissists don’t actually care about your feelings. They only care about themselves. If you apologize to them, they will likely feel like they have won something. You should only apologize for your mistakes if you are genuinely sorry. You should not do it to gain their approval or to make them feel better. 

If you do it, they will only see your success as a threat to their own ego.

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What happens when you ignore a narcissist’s apology?

How to respond to a narcissist apology? If you ignore a narcissist’s apology, they may become angry and abusive. They may accuse you of being ungrateful or hostile, and they may become more demanding. They may also become defensive if you question them about their bad behavior. 

Narcissists generally do not feel empathy toward others, and they have a hard time expressing their feelings openly. The best way to deal with an abuser is to ignore them when they are acting inappropriately. 

Some people may believe that ignoring an abuser is an effective way to get them to stop their behavior, but this isn’t always the case. Ignoring the abuse won’t make the person stop; it will just make them more frustrated. If you feel that you can’t ignore the abuser, it may be best to reach out for help.

5 reasons why narcissists refuse to apologize

There are a number of reasons why narcissists might refuse to apologize. Here are five of the most common reasons:

  1. They are not empathetic

Narcissists don’t understand or care about the feelings of others. They often view empathy as weakness and see apologizing as a loss of face. That’s why they might never feel the need to apologize because they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong.

  1. They blame others for their fault

Narcissism is often seen as a form of mental illness in which people believe they are superior to others and entitled to special treatment. They believe that the world revolves around them and that they are always right. 

People who believe themselves superior to others are sometimes less likely to own up to their mistakes because they’re so concerned about maintaining their “perfect” image.

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  1. They are hell-bent on repeating their bad behavior

Narcissists are manipulative people who crave admiration from others. They sometimes use their charm to get away with bad behavior because they believe that they can get away with anything. 

As a result, they might not feel the need to apologize because they think they’ll get what they want anyway.

  1. They have a sense of entitlement: 

Some people believe that narcissism is just a reflection of selfishness. As a result, they might see apologizing as an admission of guilt or weakness. They’re more likely to be dismissive of any apology that doesn’t meet their standards, because an apology means accepting responsibility for their actions. 

Narcissists tend to reject the notion that their actions have any negative impact on anyone else’s life, and are therefore less likely to apologize for damaging someone’s feelings or reputation.

  1. They are arrogant

Many people view narcissism as arrogance, so they think a narcissistic person is obligated to apologize if they hurt someone’s feelings or made a mistake. However, not all people who are arrogant are narcissistic, and some people who are narcissistic are not arrogant. 

For example, some narcissists are passive-aggressive, and they often do things that are damaging to others’ reputations and feelings but won’t take responsibility for it

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