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What Is a Unicorn in a Relationship & Why One Seeks Unicorns

What Is A Unicorn In A Relationship

Unicorns are often seen as symbols of perfect love and romance. But what happens when these magical creatures enter into a relationship?

So, what is a unicorn in a relationship. The first thing to understand is that unicorns are not actually capable of having relationships. They are just a metaphor for[1] “perfect love and romance”. As a result, the unicorn in a relationship is symbolic of someone who is seeking a perfect romantic partner, but can not find one. 

The inability to find true love is referred to as the “love gap.” It is a common occurrence in modern society, and is the result of a number of factors.

Why do couples look for unicorns in the relationship?

According to a recent study, couples are looking for unicorns in their relationships more and more. 

The study, which was conducted by a research firm called Insights West, surveyed 1,500 Canadians about what they look for in their partners. 21% of respondents said they were looking for someone who wanted to explore love beyond[1] the usual set limit of “until death do us part.” Other things that people were looking for were someone who valued honesty, loyalty, trust, and commitment. 

In addition, some people said they were looking for someone who was good-looking and wealthy. All of these qualities together seemed to be what people want in a partner. 

However, one of the[2] survey’s findings was that 41% of respondents said that they were looking for a unicorn in their relationships – someone who had all of the qualities they were looking for but who was also different and unique from everyone else. 

These findings suggest that there is a growing desire among couples to find a partner who is “different” in some way.


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