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What Does Aromantic Mean & How Being Aromantic Affects Relationships

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What Is Aromantic in relationship?

What is an aromantic relationship? Simply put, an aromantic relationship is one in which the two people involved do not experience romantic feelings. Aromantics are people who identify as aromantic, and the term is used to describe a wide range of different people who may or may not identify as asexual. 

Some asexual people do get aroused (turned on), but they don’t feel the desire to be sexual with other people; instead they feel more at peace when they are alone or with their partner. 

Others may feel sexual desire or attraction, but don’t want it to lead to a sexual relationship. So for example, some people may feel like they can “turn off” their sexual urges (for example, through masturbation), while others may feel physical arousal[2] but not experience sexual desire. The key word here is desire – it doesn’t always have to be romantic desire!

Traits of Aromanticism

Aromanticism is a term used to describe individuals who are not interested in romantic relationships. It is a relatively new term, and there is still much speculation about what it means. Some people may use the term “aromantic”[1] to describe themselves as having no romantic feelings toward anyone, while others may refer to themselves as “aro-aces” or “anti-amorous.”

The traits of aromanticism can vary from person to person, but it is generally agreed that the main characteristics of an aromantic person are indifference and a lack of desire for love or romance.

Aromanticism[2] should not be confused with asexuality, which is defined as a lack of sexual attraction. Aromantic individuals can still desire relationships and intimacy, but they are not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. They may still express interest in platonic relationships with friends and family members, but they usually have no interest in dating or forming a romantic relationship.

Aromanticism can also be distinguished from asexuality,[3] which is defined as a lack of sexual attraction. Both aromanticism and asexuality involve feelings of indifference or lack of sexual desire, but they are different in the sense that aromantics may still desire relationships and intimacy. However, they have no interest in pursuing a relationship. Asexual people have no desire to form a romantic relationship, so they may be more likely to have a partner than someone who is aromantic.

Aromanticism is also distinct from[4] asexuality in that aromantics can still desire relationships and intimacy, but they have no interest in pursuing a relationship. They may or may not be asexual. Someone who is asexual will lack any desire for sex, whether they are in a relationship or not. Aromantics may or may not be sexually attracted to other people.

How to Understand An Aromantic Person

An aromantic person is someone who does not experience strong romantic emotions.

To understand an aromantic person, it is important to first understand the concept of romantic love. Romantic love is a love which aro people[1] do not feel. It is defined by an intense emotional attachment to another person. Because of this attachment, romantic lovers experience intense feelings of love, happiness, and even pain when separated from their significant other. Even though these emotions are very strong, they are not present in all relationships.

For example, some people may experience these emotions only in the beginning stages of a relationship. However, an aromantic person[2] does not experience these emotions. Instead, they view relationships with a purely rational perspective and enter into them because they provide certain benefits such as companionship or emotional support.

Can an aromantic be in a relationship?

When it comes to relationships, everyone has their own set of priorities and desires. 

For some people, having a romantic relationship is at the top of their list. For others, however, it may not be important enough. (In this case, you may be asexual or an aromantic) . 

You may think that having an intimate relationship with someone isn’t important to you and that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean you should completely discount the possibility of being in a relationship entirely. While you may not be attracted to another person romantically, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic relationship with them, nor does it mean you are incapable of being happy in a relationship with another person. 

You can be in a relationship with anyone as long as you are true to yourself and allow yourself to be open to the idea of falling in love. 

Being in a relationship with a sexual person does not mean that your feelings for them are shallow or physical.[3] Aromantic people[4] can absolutely fall in love and form romantic relationships.

An important thing to note is that just because an aromantic person may not have romantic feelings for another person does not mean that they are emotionally unavailable or uninterested. 

Having a romantic relationship requires work from both the partners involved and it is possible for an aromantic person to be happy in a relationship as long as they set boundaries and communicate their needs to their partner.

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