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100 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

By Yashvisiroya


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Are the butterflies in the stomach love or that giddy feeling when you see the person is or is that broad smile? So many different signs and feelings that can indicate love. But are these ultimate cues of love? 

Most probably not. They may lead you to feel so, because of the movies and shows but that is not the reality. 

So how do we know that we are in love? What are the cues we are looking for? How do we actually know that the feeling is love and not just infatuation? 

So much confusion just to decode a four-letter word. Let’s answer these three questions to figure out the four-letter word. Are these the only questions that matter? Definitely not. 

There are multiple questions and things you need to consider before you take the big step of proposing or saying a yes to the proposal to the love of your life. But these 3 questions will help you at least ensure what you are feeling about them and what should be your next step. 

What is love?

Starting with our very first question, how do we know it’s love?

Love is not simple, nor does it have a simple explanation. It is different for every person and every relationship and bond demands different types of love.  Let’s talk about how we know it’s love in a romantic relationship. 

The feeling of love is very wholesome. We feel the importance and priority of the other person. It’s not only us who are putting in the effort. They understand you and your problems and difficulties. The trust and respect is mutual. 

They know you are not perfect but don’t want you to change. Your growth as an individual is as important. These are some of the key points you can look out for. Take your time in deciding how and what you feel. 

What is the difference between love and infatuation?

That brings us to the second question: How do we differentiate between love and infatuation? 

Sometimes the lines are clearly visible while sometimes they aren’t. Most of the time it is blurred. How do we figure out our feelings? Is it easy? No. Is there a step-by-step procedure by which you can know? Again no. But there are some indicators that will point out the fact that it’s love or just infatuation.  

Let’s get into discussing some of these indicators. First of all, if it’s just infatuation the things you liked about the person will fade away. The feeling of how perfect the person goes away and it causes irritation. The attraction deems down. It doesn’t feel like a fairy tale anymore. These are a few things you can look for while trying to weigh your options: it’s love or mere infatuation. 

Coming to the third and most important question: What are the cues to look for?

The cues can be mixed signals or confusing from one end or both ends. You or the other might be confused or not sure or would want to take your time making the decision. But their actions would always show how they feel if not their words. If they don’t feel the attachment they’ll pull away and act hot and cold, on the other hand, if they do genuinely love you they become even more interested in every detail of your life. 

They will want to know you and everyone related to you better. Your schedule, likes, and dislikes will matter to them. They try hard not to upset you or make you feel unwanted. They’ll be proud to introduce you to everyone. These are definitely some cues and actions you should be looking for when you feel confused or unsure. The actions are usually a dead giveaway of the feelings. 

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100 best ways to tell someone you love them

How to tell someone you love them? Now that we know how to figure out if we love someone or not by asking or answering these 3 questions, let’s find out 100 ways in which you can tell someone you love them. 

Isn’t the question: How to tell someone you love them scary in itself?

It does feel intimidating to explain to someone why you love them for sure. It is definitely a leap of faith. But telling someone you love them doesn’t necessarily mean spelling out the 3 words. It can be said in multiple ways. You can show someone you love them in multiple ways too. 

Let’s discuss a few of them. By few, I meant 100 ways of how to tell someone you love them. These many should suffice for a while ;). What to say to someone you love? How to tell someone how you feel about them? 

Check out 100 ways you can tell someone you love them:

  1. I love you (the most obvious one)
  2. Take care
  3. Drive safe 
  4. Text when you reach home safe
  5. I’ll drop you home/walk you home
  6. I bought you flowers (anything else they prefer…beer/chocolates)
  7. I made you…..(food/card)
  8. Sorry, I am late
  9. I miss you 
  10. I need you
  11. I want to see you 
  12. I want to hole/cuddle/ kiss you
  13. I miss your voice
  14. Can I hold your hand
  15. Being protective
  16. Sharing playlist
  17. Planning something they absolutely love you might not enjoy it as much
  18. Playing video games together
  19. Watching a football/ any other game or movie together
  20. Taking care of the when unwell
  21. You mean the world to me
  22. I love you to the moon and back
  23. I love you 3000
  24. I love you to infinity and beyond 
  25. I respect you 
  26. I cherish you 
  27. I respect and value your family and traditions
  28. I am blessed to have you in my life 
  29. You inspire me
  30. You’re my treasure
  31. No one matters but you 
  32. I am head over heels for you
  33. I have fallen for you deep and hard
  34. You’re all I see 
  35. My heart calls out for you
  36. I yearn you 
  37. You intoxicate me 
  38. You had me from hello
  39. You are my most prized possession 
  40. You are the one for me
  41. I’ll always choose you
  42. I’m drawn to you 
  43. You are my strength 
  44. I never want to say goodbye 
  45. You set my heart on fire 
  46. You make my heart skip a beat
  47. You bring out the best in me 
  48. I am all yours 
  49. It reminds me of you 
  50. We can share 
  51. I appreciate you
  52. I like me better when I am with you
  53. I adore you
  54. I live for our love
  55. I am blessed to have you in my life
  56. I am yours 
  57. My love is unconditional
  58. Just the thought of you brings a smile on my face
  59. Me. You. Always
  60. We were meant to be together
  61. You are my world
  62. You are my sunshine
  63. You light up my life
  64. You give me wings
  65. You simply amaze me
  66. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me
  67. You are the one I always wished for
  68. It reminded me of you
  69. I dreamt about you last night
  70. I made reservations
  71. It looks good on you
  72. I saved a piece for you
  73. Call me if you need anything
  74. No reason
  75. I’ll meet you halfway
  76. I want you to have this
  77. Stay there. I am coming to get you
  78. I saved you a seat
  79. You can do it
  80. You don’t have to say anything
  81. Close your eyes and hold out your hands
  82. After you
  83. I missed you
  84. I am grateful that I can always count on you
  85. You make my life meaningful
  86. You have made such a difference in my life
  87. You bring out the best parts of me
  88. I want and will always care for you
  89. I care about how you feel
  90. I never want to hurt your feelings
  91. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you
  92. Your happiness is my happiness
  93. I want to be a better person because of you
  94. I admire how [any characteristic] you are
  95. You and I get along so well
  96. I love how safe you make me feel
  97. I love your smile
  98. I will always be loyal to you
  99. You look amazing
  100. You understand me so well


These are some of the ways of how to tell someone you love them.  These are the best ways to tell someone you love them. 

Everyone’s love language® is different. And so the way of saying I love you to everyone is different. Some prefer to touch, some want gifts and some enjoy just spending time with you, and every way of saying and showing love is correct. 

Check out Gary Chapman’s take on the 5 love languages who introduced this concept:

The concept of right and wrong doesn’t stand. It’s only what makes you happy that counts. So be bold, and go and confess your love to that person before it’s too long. 

Do something cheesy, say something sweet, and make them fall in love with you all over again. Prove to them why you are their best decision and they yours. 

Go on, love with all your heart. Take the risk, let love win just one more time. Go for it, say out loud. Let them know, tell them you love them. 

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