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How to Know if You Love Someone- 25 Signs

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What is love

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Why do people always wonder what is the meaning of love, what does being in love feel like, and how do you know you love someone? Why do you love someone? 

Love has been defined in many different ways. 

Oxford dictionary defines love as,

“A range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure.”

Ancient Greeks defined seven types of love, namely: Storge, Philia, Eros, Agape, Ludus, Pragma, and Philautia. 

Love can also be defined as a natural phenomenon that we cannot demand or command. We can accept it but can’t dictate it; it is a profound emotion that is bigger than anyone.  

The difference between lust, infatuation, and love

Lust, infatuation, and love are often difficult to differentiate, especially in their early stages. They exhibit very similar characteristics early on and, for centuries, have been fooling people.

However, they are very different from each other, and we must understand that difference to avoid making decisions that we might regret. 

Lust is a psychological emotion that produces an intense desire for a thing or a person. It is an intense and short-lived force that demands to be fulfilled without any reason or logic. 

Like lust, infatuation is also an intense emotion that drives us towards an unreasoned passion, usually towards another person for whom one has developed strong feelings.

The difference lies in the fact that infatuation can still blossom into love, whereas lust is only a selfish need to attain what you want. 

Why do you love someone? Love is a facilitator of interpersonal relationships and has been associated with strong attraction and emotional attachments.

Am I really in love? How do you know you love somebody? Find out below! 

How do you know you love someone

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Knowing whether or not you are falling in love can be tricky. Most will understand, while most may not be in a position to tell. But how do you know you love someone?

So, when do you know you love someone?  To recognize true love, you must first examine how you see the person you fell in love with, do you treat them as an object or a person. Love is a feeling that makes you accept someone’s flaws without asking them to do the same. 

It is not a sense of ownership; on the contrary, it is a form of unconditional surrender because you truly accept that person for who they are without expecting anything in return.

Sounds extreme? Because it is, and that is why what many of us can achieve in our relationships is a mix of lust, infatuation, and love. 

So, we go back to the same question, how do you know you love someone?

Luckily, your body has some unique ways of telling you whether you are falling in love with someone or not. 

How to know if you love someone: 25 signs

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To help you understand what being in love feels like, this section highlights certain signs that you might be in love. Check them out:

1. Their needs are your priority

When do you know you love someone? When you make their needs a priority. You ensure their needs are met and do not mind going the extra mile to put their needs before yours.

2. You constantly think about them

They keep running in your thoughts all the time. Either you are talking to them in your head or constantly making up scenarios with them and smiling each time.

3. Their quirks attract you

You are drawn to their quirks and find these attractive. When you fall in love, anything weird about them becomes their plus point.

4. Their happiness matters

You always wish for their happiness. You always want to see them happy, even if it means you going out of your way to do it for them.

5. You have stopped thinking about other potential partners

No one seems as attractive to you like that particular person. You have clearly struck off every attractive person’s name from your list because you can’t see anyone beyond them. 

6. Their point of view matters

One sign of how to know if you love someone is when you trust their opinion. If their opinions about you or someone or about the future make sense to you and you begin to trust them, that’s one of the signs you love someone.

7. You have picked up their traits

If you wonder, “Am I in love” notice if you have adopted any of their traits. Probably, a jargon or the way they walk. It could be any random trait.

8. Your friends have observed a difference 

One of the signs of how to know if you love someone is when you have your friends noticing something brewing up between you both. Trust us, they will be the first to notice in case of any change in your behavior or your routine.

9. They are your go-to person

If they have become your go-to person and you reach out to them whenever you are happy or sad, that’s how do you know when you love someone. 

10. You see a future with them

One of the ways of how do you know you love somebody is when you see a future with them. You naturally begin to picture them in every scene in your future.

11. You are physically attracted to them

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If you feel an urge to be physically close to them, to cuddle with them, kiss them, or hug them, it is one way to tell if you love someone.

12. You are dying to say ‘I Love You’

When you love someone, I Love You remains at the tip of your tongue. If that person is your crush, you are dying to utter those three words out, and if you are in a relationship with them, you just can’t stop expressing your immense love for them.

13. You have begun to love yourself

Somehow, you begin to feel more confident, more beautiful, and better about yourself. You have begun to genuinely love yourself, and that person’s attention has made you believe that you definitely got something in you.

14. You don’t have commitment issues

You don’t fear commitment anymore. Usually, people who are not ready to commit are scared of giving someone so much attention as to fall deeply in love with them. However, your genuine love for them has removed any fear of commitment, and you are ready to enter into the relationship zone.

15. Your gut feeling says you are in love

One of the signs of how do you know you love somebody is when your gut feeling says this is it. You just feel it’s right. You have no doubts, and you don’t need to second guess their intentions too.

16. You are glued to your phone 

If you are always glued to your phone in either texting them or busy on a call with them, that is one of the ways to know you are in love. Everything looks new and fresh, and you just don’t get tired of them.

17. Everything reminds you of them

When you love somebody, literally everything reminds you of them. Whether you are watching a TV show or having a casual conversation with friends, everything makes you think about them.

18. You match horoscopes

If you are matching their horoscope with yours just to know if you both will make a good match, that’s one of the definite signs of how to tell you love someone. 

19. You have lost sleep

One of the answers to, ‘Are you in love” is when you lose sleep just thinking about them. You remain so excited about this newly found feeling that sleep seems like a hindrance.

20. You feel relationship-ready

If you really love someone, you don’t see relationships as a hindrance or something you don’t have time for. You just see it as a happy extension of your life.

21. You feel jealous

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You know you really love someone when you get a little jealous of people who get to spend time with them or if you find them giving someone attention. 

22. You feel adventurous

One of the signs of how do you know you are in love is when you feel adventurous with them. You don’t mind doing activities with them that scared you in the past. You are just so ready to explore.

23. You have come out of the hurt from your past relationship

Your past doesn’t bother you anymore, and this is one of the solid signs of how to know if you love someone. It’s been a long time since you thought about your ex, and even if they cross your mind, you don’t feel hurt.

24. Everything seems alright

One of the signs of how to know if you love someone is when even if your life feels upside down lately, their mere presence in your life is enough to help you keep your chin up.

25. You love their smell

You are fond of their smell. Whether they have a natural smell or wear regular perfume, you are in awe.

Check out this video on how to tell someone you love them:


Well, do you know what it feels like loving someone? Well, with these signs, you definitely have an idea and if you love someone, tell them. Savor this beautiful feeling and enjoy the journey.

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