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Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making: Meaning & Ways to Do It

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What Is Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making?

Twin flame telepathic lovemaking is a very special form of intimate sexual expression that allows two people to connect on a level beyond words. It is an incredibly intimate experience that allows the two people to share their deepest desires and emotions with each other. 

The twin flame reunion happens when the two reunite after spiritual growth. When this happens, the love between the couple will grow even deeper than before and their ability to connect telepathically will be strengthened. 

This allows the couple to experience a new level of intimacy that they have not felt before. This twin flame telepathic love making becomes less about physical pleasure and more about spiritual connection.

During a reunion, the two people can telepathically experience each other’s bodies and each other’s desires. 

They can also communicate telepathically with each other, allowing them to connect on a much deeper level. This is a powerful way to create a strong bond between the two people because it allows them to share all of their deepest thoughts and feelings with one another.

How Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making Happens?

When you think of the perfect way to make love, what do you envision? Maybe you think about a passionate kiss in the dark or being wrapped up in each other’s arms while listening to your favorite song. Well, what if I told you there was a way to experience this romantic fantasy in real life? Is it possible to actually transmit your ardor telepathically to your partner during sex? 

In 2012, Aron and Aron studied this phenomenon and found that couples who experienced the phenomenon described it exactly as a romantic fantasy would – passionate kisses, warm embraces and deep emotional bonding. 

Although couples were able to feel the emotion and sexual passion of a sexual encounter, they didn’t have to use physical touch to experience it. The study found that sexual activity with their partner was a “vital component” of experiencing this twin flame telepathic love making. 

Most people would agree that there is nothing better than deep emotional connection and connection with someone you share a deep bond with, so this certainly seems like a nice perk to the sex game!

So, how does this twin flame telepathic love making happen? The study found that it is caused by a phenomenon called remote positive synchrony. This occurs when participants’ brains are synchronized in a nonphysical way. 

Essentially, the participants are experiencing the same emotions and thoughts through some kind of psychic connection. As a result, they are feeling the same pleasure and pain at the same time and sharing a sensory experience that would be impossible if they were only using physical touch to communicate their feelings. 

The study also found that those who experienced a telepathic orgasm reported a greater sense of connectedness to their partner and a higher level of intimacy than those who did not experience a telepathic orgasm.

Many penis owners are able to witness twin flame telepathic arousal and reach orgasm without ejaculating and report these orgasms as being similar to the orgasms a vagina owner has.

A study from 2015 found that 80% of participants reported being able to orgasm without ejaculating. 

The researchers concluded one of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually is that  penile orgasms may be more similar to vaginal orgasms than people thought, despite the fact that they are not physically connected to a woman’s genitals. They also concluded that there are physical and psychological similarities between clitoral and penile orgasms.

Check out the 7 signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually:

How to perform twin flame telepathic love making?

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding twin flame telepathy. 

  1. To perform twin flame telepathic love, you’ll need to first establish a deep connection with your twin.
  2. A telepathic connection with your twin flame is like a warm, burning sensation of love throughout your body. It’s like getting high on the feeling of unconditional love for your twin! 

Some twin flames report seeing their twin in their dreams or during meditation. Others feel a sudden overwhelming rush of energy when they’re around a certain person. Twin flames usually connect through a shared desire for a higher purpose.

  1. The universe uses footsteps as a symbol for twin flames because it has to do with human relationships. 

Twin flames are meant for each another because they are the same soul that split into separate bodies due to free will choice and a soul contract. It is rare for two people to have a soul mate connection in this lifetime.

A twin flame reunion is when you reconnect after you have spiritually grown. This twin flame telepathic love making happens after both of you have aligned with your personal spiritual missions and are working towards the same goals. 

When this happens, you both intuitively know who the other is without speaking a word to each other. When you reunite with your twin flame, you feel an intense and undeniable feeling of unconditional love for each other. You’ll know that you’re meant to be together forever.

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