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31 Signs of Getting Too Comfortable in a Relationship

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Every long relationship over time goes from glamour to casual. This is because over time you develop a certain level of comfort with each other. You may feel that you understand each other’s habits and behavior better. You may not feel shy anymore about certain things you do. You may not give a second thought to everything that you talk about.

 Isn’t it pleasing to know that your relationship is in such a comfort zone?

 But what if I ask you, Is your relationship comfortable or too comfortable?

 What does it mean to be too comfortable in a relationship?

Research says that most relationships reach a comfort-zone level at least after 11 months. In this zone, there are certain things that you do differently than you used to do in the initial periods of your relationship. These are definitely OK if it hasn’t turned into your only habit. And if it has, then here is your red flag. You might have reached a line of too comfortable a level in your relationship.

Is there really such a thing as being too comfortable in a relationship with each other?

While it is good to have that comfort in a relationship where you see a true self with your significant other, there is such a thing called being too comfortable in a relationship. It may vary from relationship to relationship and time to time.

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30 signs your relationship has hit the comfort zone

What does getting too comfortable in a relationship mean? Wondering if your relationship is too comfortable or not? Here are 30 signs you might consider. 

  1.   When comfortable with each other, you refuse to spend a night away from each other or you can’t sleep if you aren’t together.
  2.     Your sexual life is very casual. In fact, it is so predictable that it almost seems as if it is choreographed.
  3.     You no longer feel like taking the me-time.
  4.     You might feel like you know your partner deeply, which may be disappointing at times.
  5.     You often do each other’s daily chores like ordering meals, doing laundry.
  6.     You don’t have anything new left to tell each other about your personal life.
  7.     If you’re very skeptical when your partner does something nice then that might be a red flag.
  8.     You don’t remember when was your last perfect date night.
  9.     Your partner remembers your personal stuff more than you do.
  10. You often end up doing certain things separately for example watching tv in different rooms, not having even a single meal of the day at the same time.
  11. Confiding in them over health or family concerns which otherwise you won’t with anyone.
  12. Happy to have a conversation while being naked.
  13. Leaving your bathroom door open while your partner is still in the room.
  14. We all pull out pranks with our partner, but that could slip into the gross territory. Beware!
  15. You no longer feel awkward while talking about your past relationships.
  16. You are okay with having a conversation while one of you is in the bathroom.
  17. Calling each other by pet names isn’t your cup of tea anymore; instead, you have started referring to each other with abusive adjectives.
  18. Body confidence in front of each other is no more your cause of concern.
  19. You are no longer ashamed of each other’s ugly clothing.
  20. Your in-laws love you more than your partner. And it doesn’t differ in cases of whether you are married or not.
  21. You look for solo times more often than you used to do.
  22. Your courtesy and manners in front of each other make rare appearances. Examples include food with your hands because you couldn’t find a fork, not bothering with the pleases, and thanks.
  23. You no longer appreciate your partner’s little things and take them for granted.
  24. You do not discuss how each other’s day went.
  25. Pajamas and loose baggy clothing are your only attire, even on special occasions.
  26. You are extremely comfortable in discussing your upcoming plans when you don’t even have clarity of your present endeavors.
  27. You have been too snarky that it’s no longer about what the comments are but how the comments are.
  28. You are no longer fully engaged in a conversation. Either you do not pay attention at all to what your partner says or you listen to half a conversation.
  29. You feel an immediate discomfort if your partner behaves differently under obvious circumstances.
  30. You ignore personal boundaries and do not respect your partner’s privacy.
  31. You mostly know what’s going in your partner’s mind just by their facial expressions.

How are being comfortable in a relationship and being complacent different?

Feeling comfortable in a relationship is a feeling of satisfaction. And when this feeling combines with the lack of worry or caution, it becomes complacent. 

While comfort is positively good for a relationship, complacent may turn out to be bad. Complacency in a relationship reflects feeling so satisfied and secure that you think you don’t need to try any harder. This may, in a way, turn out to be disadvantageous for your relationship. 

Check out how complacency hurts the relationship:


If you find yourself in this ‘too comfortable in a relationship zone’ here, is it that can help you to breathe life back into your relationship. Find out what things are designing your too comfortable relationship.  

Share it with your partner and talk it out.  Go back to the days when you talked about your day at work or the things that you’re happy about right now. Do certain things which you used to do initially in your relationship and also try some new things. 

In the end, just remember that things change, and it is absolutely normal to talk about what feels good and what doesn’t.  

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