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How to Be a Good Girlfriend: 31 Ways

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It’s such a wholesome feeling when someone comes and tells you, you’re a good girlfriend, wife, or mom. The sense of pride and fulfillment is real. But is being good that easy? Definitely, not. Can you be one? Hell yeah! 

I am sure you are thinking about how to be a good girlfriend? Don’t you worry as we are going to help you get there. Let’s dive straight into it. 

Before we get into how to be a good girlfriend, let’s just put in a few disclaimers we all need to understand.                             

  1. To every man, a good girl differs                                                                                                                                                     
  2. A good girlfriend doesn’t mean you forget own self to please someone else.                                                                               
  3. Do not change yourself so much that if ever you fall apart, you don’t know anymore who you are. 
  4. Don’t let someone dictate the way you behave under the pretext of making you perfect. 
  5. No one, absolutely no one is perfect, everyone learns from their mistakes. 

How to be a good girlfriend: 31 ways                                                                                                                                    

Now that we have cleared out these things let’s talk about how you can be a good girlfriend?

Here are 31 ways you can be a good girlfriend. 

– Being understanding of his situation

They might not always be on the best terms with their family or stuck in some problems, so being understanding is important. 

– Respect his family and friends

Just like your family and friends are important to you, so are theirs to them. So always respect them, as you expect him to respect yours.                                                                                                                                                                                   

– Give him time with his friends as well

Let him spend some time alone or with his friends. It will help him unwind and destress. 

– Plan a surprise for him once in a while

Make him feel special, plan a date or cook him something. Spoil him with your love, care, and attention. 

– Don’t be harsh on him because of your past experience

Past can be difficult to forget and does even haunt your present. But don’t let it ruin your present and your behavior towards him.  

– Forgive him for small and petty things

Don’t make small mistakes too much of an issue. The more you drag the matter the more he’ll run away from the conversation.

Check out this video on how to forgive and move forward in a relationship to provide you with some perspective and practical tools to be happy in love.

– Communicate correctly with him

Making him guess why you are mad, upset or what is it that he did wrong that hurt you, go up to him and communicate. Will make things that much easier.

– Make him feel special and wanted

Give him hugs or kisses randomly. Text him ‘I love you” or “I miss you” randomly during the day. Be the reason he smiles on a tough day.

– Don’t always judge him for his decisions

We all make bad decisions or things don’t work out the way we wanted them too. That doesn’t mean you judge the person’s entire personality based on that one thing. 

– Be supportive at all times 

Support him not only in his good times but also in his bad times. He needs someone to have his back as well. You can be his pillar, his strength. 

– Do not disrespect him in public

Even if they have done or said something wrong, do not insult them publicly. Talk to them about it, when it’s just the two of you.

– Treat him well

Treat him the way you want to be treated. Show him the same love, care, and concern. Make him feel good about the relationship and himself as well.                                                                                                                                                      

– Do or watch something he enjoys even if it’s not your favorite thing

Do things that he enjoys, even if you don’t. Watch a game of football or cricket. Play video games with or eat a cuisine of his choice. 

– Don’t take him for granted

Do not use him just for your status or social purpose. Taking him, his time, or his efforts for granted isn’t right.  

– Respect the time and effort he puts

Everyone puts effort into a relationship. Respecting it is our duty as a partner. Appreciate the time and effort they put into you to see you happy.

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– Listen more, lecture less

Give them a chance to talk as well and listen patiently. Always lecturing them will just irritate them and push them away from you.

– Don’t nag him

Refrain from nagging them for every small thing. Let go of things for some time. Continuously being on their head won’t help your case. 

– Make him a part of your life

Involve him with your friends and family. Inform him of your schedule. Don’t make him feel that you are embarrassed to have him around.

– Make it a safe and happy place for him to open up

You should be his safe haven. Anytime he is in a tough spot or bad place, you should be one of the people he comes to, for help or just for comfort.

– Help him achieve his goals

Goals are important to all of us. Helping him achieve that or being a good support system will keep him motivated and him closer to his goals and you closer to him. 

– Be honest about your feelings

Be open and honest about what and how you feel. Don’t tuck away your emotions so that he won’t feel bad about something. He will feel worse that you hid your feelings from him.

– Respect his needs of wanting to be physical

It’s a human tendency to be physical with your partner. Don’t make him feel like it’s something completely unreasonable. Definitely talk to him about things you are not comfortable about, but don’t show him down for wanting to be physical. 

– Explore his fantasies

It’s so important to explore each other’s fantasies to keep a relationship going and spicy. It’s good to have fun while in the bedroom as well. Exploring each other will bring you two even closer to each other. Intimate compatibility is just as important.

– Don’t be jealous or over-possessive of him

Being protective and possessive of your partner is important but going overboard with it is not a good thing. Don’t make them feel like they are tied to you. It will affect them emotionally and drain them out completely.

– Contrary to the point above, don’t be someone who’s completely not bothered. Strike a balance

Creating a balance is so necessary for any relationship. Leaving him completely unhinged might seem like you are not interested in the relationship and are in it for namesake.

– Put your phone down

Make it a point to avoid phones for some quality time when you’re around each other. Talk, converse and interact when you’re together. Spend quality time with each other.

– Make fighting rules

All the guys will agree that fighting rules are a must. Or else it goes on and on with no end in sight. Rather than doing that, set up some ground rules so that things don’t get messy every time you have a fight.

– Don’t doubt unnecessarily

Don’t be a girlfriend who doubts her man every now and then. If you feel like there is something, talk to him and clear it out. Spying around isn’t a healthy option unless it is absolutely necessary. 

– Figure out what triggers him

We all have pet peeves and things that trigger us. Knowing what annoys your guy and puts him in a bad mood is essential. If at all he is triggered not necessarily by something you did, you should know how to calm him down or make him feel better.

– Work as a team

No one is perfect. No relationship is perfect. The two of you grow together and build your relationship block by block. The term perfect in itself no errors. It means to smooth out everything perfectly everything something goes down the hill. 

– Lastly, don’t expect him to be perfect

No one is perfect. No relationship is perfect. The two of you grow together and build your relationship block by block. The term perfect in itself doesn’t mean no errors. It means to smooth out everything perfectly everything something goes down the hill.


These are 31 ways of how to be a good girlfriend.

Everything said and done, don’t pressurize yourself too much. You are best the way you are. Bring changes in you when you think the person is worth putting in all the effort. Choose wisely and be even wiser when you decide to bring changes in your life for someone new. Enjoy love!!

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