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Here’s Why She Doesn’t Trust You


When she was young, she painted pictures of a handsome prince on a white horse. She heard tales of a prince charming who would take her into the world of his own, love her, love her forever. But as she grew and found one, she ended up with the broken pieces of her heart. And every time someone came along to join them with her, she was only left more pieces- too shattered to come together.

It was then that she knew fairytales only happen in story books. And eventually, it became hard for her to trust anyone.

Every time she trusts a man, he breaks her heart. She risks her heart but ends up in a pool of tears to see him leave. She is too innocent to understand signals. She is too broken to read signs. She just needs a man with good intentions.

She doesn’t know your intentions.  You have not made them clear. She’s been manipulated so many times that you need to be clear and show her that what you feel is true.

She doesn’t feel safe yet. She is scared to give in too much, too soon. While she wants to be with you, she also makes sure not to come out as too pushy. She is still figuring out whether you want her or she is just an option.


You haven’t given her a reason. Not that she doesn’t want to but you haven’t given her enough reasons that she begins to trust someone again. She needs to heal and awaits someone who makes it evident that he is trustworthy.

She is sensitive and vulnerable. She knows she is going to love you with no boundaries. She would walk through oceans and cross mountains for you. There would be No Rules. But she doesn’t want to run into the risk of another heartbreak and add more to her mistakes.

Your mixed signals draw her away. There’s no ‘somewhat attraction’, ‘somewhat love’. She is too tired of living in the cloud of confusion where one moment you treat her tenderly and then the other moment, you completely ignore her.

She doubts your friends. You must have heard Birds of a Feather Flock Together or A Man Is Known by the Company He Keeps. Women believe in these. And if you are in a bad company of friends, she is, under any circumstances, not going to trust you that you are different from them.

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Loving her and winning her love and trust is not too difficult if your heart is true. Know that ‘All a girl really wants is for one guy to her that they are not all the same.’

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