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Feminist Man: The Definition Of ‘Sexy AF’

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Feminism is sexy. 

But what’s sexier is a man who affirms he is a feminist. The word is open for distorted assumptions and consequent baseless arguments that no feminist woman or man would ever be a part of it. And why?

We present 10 valuable reasons to tell you that a feminist man is on our favorite list and would always be:

  • He’s Well-Read

He is polished and educated because he knows the difference between feminism and sexism. He has done his homework right in understanding that feminism is not a male-bashing tool and therefore, never takes the wrong side in any argument.

  • He Doesn’t Disrespect Women

A man who is a feminist in a real sense would never disrespect a woman or be a part of any wrong happening against women. To mention the extremes, rape and assault have increased to 277% in the last 5 years and a man of honor, a man who understands equality shall be least likely a part of it.

  • He’s A Handsome Misfit In The Society

A feminist man would neither take unjustified stands to calm his male ego in front of the crowd nor would he try fitting the bill when others are wrong. He is firm in his stance and even he is alone in the argument, he’d keep his notions intact.

  • He’s Wise & Ethical

A man of wisdom would not act ignorant just because the issue doesn’t affect him personally. There are men who aren’t actively misogynistic and that is why sexism doesn’t pinch them. But he is different, a conscious believer of equality who plays his role as a man as and when the situation arrives.

  • He’s An Adoring Lover

Chauvinism is a part of his being. Whether he is pulling the chair for you or making breakfast, it is very much in his system and he is comfortable doing it all, with zero complaints. For a feminist man, you are a human first and a gender later. He sees you as his equal by default.

  • He Smashes Patriarchy Like A Boss

He doesn’t believe in patriarchy. If he did, he would have been a part of the clan “male chauvinists.” But he is not because he is comfortably kicking away old norms and flexible to broad notions.

  • He’s Trustworthy

Since he is a well-intentioned man, you can always trust him. Whether it’s 12 noon or 12 midnight, he would always be a gentleman to you. No second thoughts!

  • He’s Not Paralytically Dependent

He doesn’t depend on you to cook for him. He doesn’t wait for you to wash his undies either. He is self-dependent and believes in sharing the load. So, you have the comfort of not fighting for your right and making your solid space in front of him because he knows already.

  • He’s Not Controlling

He understands the value of space and never tries to enter yours. He is not a hypocrite and therefore, shows it in action by exhibiting himself as a secure person. A feminist man understands that a woman has her life and refrain from encroaching her space or putting restrictions on her.

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