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7 Attributes In Women Apart From Appearance That Make Them Attractive

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The idea of beauty clings to a woman as sunshine to the summers, as O to H2O or a broken heart to sad songs. Since time immemorial, a woman is judged on the basis of her pretty features and an appealing outer appearance. But honestly, she is a lot more than her looks, physical features or her attractive demeanour for deep down, what a person looks for is not just twinkling eyes or a heartfelt smile but what a woman holds beneath her attractive appearance. Find out some extremely essential qualities that make women attractive.

  1. Composure

Life ain’t always a bed of roses. And being composed in the toughest of situations is an art. Difficulties might unnerve you but one sure shot way to stand tall with grace is to keep calm and smile at the face of a challenge.

  1. Confidence

Nothing is sexier than a woman clothed in confidence. While you wear a confidence, you project a clearer picture to the world that how well you control your life. From taking decisions to fighting the odds alone, a confident woman does it all with ease.

  1. Independence


A woman with a well set goal is one of the biggest qualities that men find attractive in a woman. She who is independent, ready to share responsibilities and takes charge of her own life is a lot more appealing than others.

  1. Simplicity

Men prefer simple woman than the ones who are too self obsessed or boastful of their success. . There’s something soothing about basics.  People gravitate towards what is simple, authentic and normal.

  1. Courage

Having the dare to accept the life the way it comes, to love deeply, to change fully is the attribute of a courageous woman. It takes courage to stand again despite some of the life’s extremely heart-breaking experiences.

  1. Kindness


The quality of kindness in heart influences the person strongly. The way you speak to others, the way you care about people who do not respond in equal measure only gets you closer to being an awesome person inside out.

  1. Elegance

With elegance comes dignity. The way you present yourself, handle the strength and softness with equal integrity, carry your personal style and behaviour makes you elegant, ethical, and undeniably impressive.

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