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10 Sleeping Positions & Their Meaning In The Relationship

two women sleeping next to each other

Everything about you reveals your personality. The way you talk, the way you sit, and all your choices. Just like everything else, your sleeping positions also help analyze your personality.

Subsequently, in a relationship too, the way you sleep with your partner also tells a lot about you both as a couple. 

Sleeping is one of the most vulnerable activities and surprisingly, the connection between sleep positions and relationships is deeper than you know.

Let’s find out in detail everything about the sleeping body language:

Advantages of sleeping next to someone you love

Well, sleeping is usually about coming into physical contact. So, YES, with the sleeping positions with your partner, you both reap the benefits of sleeping side by side. According to The Better Sleep Council, it:

  • Release stress
  • Drives away negative thoughts
  • Releases oxytocin that reduces anxiety
  • Promotes empathy
  • Leads to an increase in trust
  • Causes partners to sleep faster
  • Sets a disciplined routine

10 sleeping positions & their meaning 

So, what does your sleep position say about you? 

The way you sleep with your partner reveals the bond you both share. Here are 10 different sleeping positions for couples and these sleeping positions meaning in the relationship will help you decode your love life.

Back to Back touching

If you both sleep back to back, that is, in the opposite directions with your backs touching, this is the sign of trust you both have in each other. This sleeping back-to-back makes you vulnerable and if you both are opting for that, it is a sign of closeness and comfort.

Back to back without physical contact

  1. This sleeping position is another common couples’ sleeping style and indicates that the partners are independent, yet have a connection. They can also be named liberty lovers.

Entwining hands and legs

  • entwined sleeping position

If you both sleep with your hands and legs totally entwined with each other, it shows that you both just can’t have enough of each other. You both are dependent and can’t let go of each other, which shows quite literally even during sleep. 

Space hogger

This sleeping position is rather a bad sign in the relationship as it displays selfishness and imbalance of power in the relationship. It means either of you has the most control over the relationship and cares less about the other partner.

Facing each other

This is one of the rare sleeping positions and in this sleeping position, couples lying in bed face each other and have a space between them, enough for vital conversations at night. As obvious it signifies close communication and intimacy, with partners having a respect for each other’s boundaries.

Head on the chest

  • head on the chest sleeping position

This is often called the honeymoon phase married couples sleeping position. In this, one partner places their head on the other partner’s chest while the other partner embraces them. This is a sign of intense love, trust, intimacy, and protection.

The leg hug

This is one of the normal sleeping positions and if you both sleep this way often, get closer to your partner the next time. This sleeping with a leg over partner couple sleeping style signifies the partners are craving intimacy. It could be physical, emotional, or sexual. 

The partner reaching the other one with the leg is the one craving connection.


Spooning is one of the most common relationship sleeping positions with partner. This is also one of the comfortable sleeping positions for couples

In this position, both the partner cuddle like spoons placed next to each other. Here, one partner’s back is pressed against the front of the other partner.

This one of the popular sleeping positions with boyfriend, girlfriend, or among married couples is a sign of extreme vulnerability and trust. 

Watch the video below to know how to perfectly spoon your partner:

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The chaser

Again, the chaser is very much like the spooning position but with one partner sleeping drifted and the other partner chasing them from behind. This is a sign of somewhat lack of connection and shows that one person wants space while the other one is dependent on them.

The loose spoon

The loose is very much like the couples spooning position, however, a little distantly. This is one of the common sleeping positions as the relationship matures when couples want a little space. Rather than the knotted spooning, a partner places one arm and leg over the other, while still taking care of the breathing space between them. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what your sleeping position says about your relationship, if you are in a relationship, both the partners need to constantly work on it and evolve with time, pay heed to each other’s needs and make each other a priority. 

However, if your sleeping body language clearly shows the problem areas of the relationship, work on them as a team and make your bond stronger.

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