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10 Effects Of Alcoholism On The Relationship

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Effects Of Alcoholism On The Relationship

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A relationship comes across various challenges. Some of these challenges can be more difficult, and couples will require to tackle them more maturely and mindfully. Learning how to beat the effects of alcoholism while sticking together and keeping the love intact can become the hardest thing you will ever do, especially if there is alcoholism involved in the relationship.

Sometimes, you might see wonderful couples and assume nothing can spoil their oneness. However, issues like alcoholism can deeply rot the unity of the strongest of bonds.

Here is how alcoholism affects your relationship while you might consider it a temporary issue. Learn to identify the signs and save your relationship or that of ones you care about.

What is alcohol addiction?

According to Alcohol Rehab Guide,

“Alcoholism is the most severe form of alcohol abuse and involves the inability to manage drinking habits. It is also commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder. Alcohol use disorder is organized into three categories: mild, moderate and severe.”

Symptoms of alcoholism

Sad young woman sitting on bed suffering from effects of alcoholism after night party at club, having sleepy tired look, keeping eyes closed, holding bottle of wine and pillow, trying to cover ears from noise

When it comes to the side effects of alcoholism, we can list down many of them. To begin with, it destructs the relationship and also the one addicted to alcohol. Here are the warning symptoms of alcoholism that will also help you gauge the intensity of the addiction:

  • An unstoppable urge of consumption
  • Quitting on important or daily activities
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Memory blackout
  • Being sick and hungover
  • Memory blackout
  • Restlessness, shakiness
  • Nausea
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Sweating

10 Effects of alcoholism on relationships

Relationships can turn very fragile and ultimately break where alcoholism is involved. Check out these 10 effects of alcoholism on the relationship.

1. Dwindling trust

Best relationships are the ones defined by trust, respect, and understanding. There are undeniably negative effects of alcoholism that can turn a deadly and silent enemy robbing you of the sanctity of the relationship. 

For an alcoholic, lies, and deceit is a routine pattern, and ultimately this might kill the trust.

An alcoholic will defend their addiction under all circumstances even if this means lying about money spent on it and its frequency. Besides, this is how alcohol negatively affects financial harmony too.

Usually, an addict covers up their acts from everyone because deep inside, shame, and guilt of doing something wrong exist, even if they don’t want to explicitly accept it.

2. Violence and mood swings

Sometimes, partners accept minor discomfort in the relationship until they realize how alcoholism affects relationships when violence kicks in.  

Like any other addictive substance, alcohol causes behavioral change and mood swings that result in an attitude different from the normal being. There is irritability, mood swings, and serious withdrawal symptoms. When alcohol is involved, things in the household turn topsy-turvy.

Irreparable effects of alcoholism can be witnessed because the person does not act in their senses. If proper steps are not taken, it can also cause a snowball effect of self-destruction, harm, and isolation.

3. Unplanned pregnancy

One of the ways how alcohol affects the relationship is that it causes an uncontrollable sex drive in a few. While the body might want more alcohol and the person refuses the decision-making power, this might lead to wrong decisions like unwanted sex or unplanned pregnancy which can be a burden in the future.

Alcohol can kill your logical decisiveness and that could lead to the wrong turn of events. So, ensure that you control your alcohol consumption and lead a healthier life not just for now but for your future.

4. Problems with your kids

One of the most negative effects of alcoholism on your relationship and the most painful part is perhaps the pain caused to your children. Seeing their dad being completely unresponsive, failing to assist parent-teacher meetings, and snapping at them for no reason is one of the things you will regret the most.

Alcoholism is still widely overlooked in our society. Spotting early signs can not only spare you and your loved ones a lot of pain, but it can also grant you a happy, healthy life full of love and support.

If you or anyone you love is dealing with the effects of alcoholism, understand that it is a disease and it should be treated as one. Reach out for professional help and always let them know that you’re there for them.

5. Infidelity

Wife found her husband in Bed With Another guy, he's gay

Infidelity can be one of the negative effects of alcoholism. This can occur from either of the parties. The person addicted to alcohol can turn awry in the relationship and get engaged in an extramarital affair. 

This can make the relationship a lot more strenuous than usual. Not just this, if one partner is an alcohol addict, it is likely that that other partner will turn away from the relationship considering it a hopeless situation.

Therefore, it is important that both partners do not cause any kind of a disappointment to each other in the relationship. Rather than cheating, both partners should hold hands and try to overcome the problem together.

6. Stability

Once the alcohol begins to top the list of priorities, the effects of alcoholism cause more challenging issues to come into the scene. 

There could be financial problems, or your situation at work can get more complicated, and someday it may all collapse. The facts and the consequences of your addiction start to pile up, thus leading to tension in the relationship. And though it becomes a disease by that time, it’s hard to forget the fact that it was your own choice to start alcohol abuse.

7. Stress

One of the effects of alcoholism is that it causes stress in the relationship. A happy and healthy relationship can turn negative when one partner is an alcohol addict. This can lead to severe emotional damage.

It is assumed that alcohol is a stress reliever and will soothe the mind. However, it is an all-consuming addiction and will cause more harm than good. 

8. Irresponsibility

A person addicted to alcohol can hardly take any responsibility due to their intoxicated and unreliable behavior. Most definitely, they will not be able to fulfill family obligations or cannot be counted for taking care of any task, whatsoever. 

This will reduce the confidence of the partner and other family members.

9.  Emotional unavailability

Being emotionally absent from the relationship is one of the ways alcoholism affects your relationship.  Bad company or alcohol abuse alone can cause detachment of the partner from the family and kids. 

This kind of behavior can also kill conversations and ultimately take a toll on the relationship.

9. Influence on another partner

How does alcohol affect relationships? 

One of the effects of alcoholism is if one partner is engaged in alcohol abuse, the other partner can be influenced and can begin alcohol consumption as well. In other words, one partner’s alcohol intake can increase another partner’s intake as well.

How to Handle an Alcoholic Partner

Alcohol abuse is a difficult disorder and it not only affects the person suffering from it but their family too. It may be possible that the person tried getting over the addiction but couldn’t do it. Effects of alcohol on relationships may lead to serious consequences and in this case, the partner can help you get over it.

Here are a few tips for solving alcoholism and relationship problems.

  • Discuss the problem

It is important to have an open discussion with your partner rather than playing the victim card or focusing on the blame and shame game. Your partner may also experience combative behavior or go into a denial phase but make sure you stay focused on the problem, be open, honest, and truthful during the conversation. 

  • Seek help

Look for a course or plan to eradicate the problem of alcohol abuse. You can get some medical advice from the counselor or get in touch with a community for a planned and focused approach.

  • Be determined 

The journey to getting things under control can be long and tiring as this is a serious issue. However, be committed to sticking to your action. Also, apart from being supportive of your partner, you must not forget yourself and must keep your health and safety in mind as well.

In the video below, Craig Ballantyne discusses alcohol and relationship problems and how to reduce alcoholism. He shares five tips that can help control consumption.

How curbing or eliminating alcohol consumption can save a relationship

Once you eliminate the drinking behaviors of your partner, this can also curb various physical, psychological, and mental problems  

This will also add happiness to the relationship and infuse trust. 

Besides, alcohol has high levels of sugar and also dehydrates the body making the skin dull. So, less consumption will also bring a healthier appearance and contribute towards good weight. 

Not just this, less consumption can also bring finances under control. You can save the money spent on alcohol and utilize it for better purposes. This will help you meet financial goals in marriage.

It is often assumed that drinking will make you feel good but it makes one feel low and depressed. Avoiding consumption will also improve mental health and reduce signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

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