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Women Who Died for Love

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First of all, this is no irrational feminist taking a blind stand against men, ready to wage war just at the sight of any “anti-women” post going around on social media. Women and their issues have for long, been discussed to the threadbare. Sometimes they hold true relevance and quite a many time, they are exaggerated craps of consolation with an understatement, “We hold you in high esteem and acknowledge your contribution. Now that you know, smile and suffer a little more.” Honestly, a woman of strength knows how to sift appreciation from exaggeration.

Well, now that it’s Valentine’s Day, while one lot of the world is busy planning the V-day, the other half #feelingproud of their single-hood and keeping their chin up, there’s still one scholarly (read uneducated) section of the society which you ought not ignore because their bright thoughts enlighten the humble souls like you and me.

Oh, how do I express when my morning broke with such an “awareness post”.


I thought I should throw some light on women who have gone to extremes in love.

Know them:


Romeo This iconic lover is never mentioned alone. There’s always an “and” after his name followed by the name Juliet and it’s there for a reason. While Romeo died by chugging the poison considering Juliet dead, Juliet “proved” her love in the similar way. Seeing her lover dead by her side when she woke up, she pulls out the dagger and stabs herself.


How could one not think of the Goddess Sati while listing the bravery of men dying for love? Raged by her father, Daksha’s humiliating words for her husband, Shiva, she could bear it no longer and threw herself into the pyre set up for Yagya. So intense was Her love for Lord Shiva.


Great love demands great sacrifices! And the love story of Cleopatra and Antony is the truest test of love. When Antony, during his fight with Romans, heard the false news of Cleopatra’s death; he fell on his sword. And when Cleopatra learned about his death, she took her own life by getting herself bitten by an asp.


Silly people deserted in love got so busy creating posts that they hardly got time to watch Mughal-e-Azam to learn about the tragic death of the beautiful courtesan Anarkali. When Salim waged war against his own father, Akbar and got a death sentence on being defeated; Anarkali intervenes and renounces her love to save Salim from death. She gets entombed alive in the brick wall infront of her lover.

Rani Padmini

Rani Padmini, Ratan Sen’s wife died by performing jauhar when Allauddin Khilji attacked Chittor and killed her husband. And if one browses the pages of history, there are countless women who performed self immolation refusing to give themselves to anyone else except their husbands. And that outnumbers just everything!

And the list doesn’t end here. When you speak of love, there are women who died for the love of motherland like Rajendra Laxmi, Rani Laxmibai. Mother Teresa, Mary Slessor, Florence Nightingale died serving humanity.

Hope this calms the curiosity. Happy Valen…er…Happy Enlightenment!

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