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Why Breakups Hit Guys Later- 5 Reasons

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5 Reasons Why Do Breakups Hit Guys Later

It’s no secret that breakups can be tough on both parties involved. It can be hard to face the reality that things are over, and for guys, it can take a little longer to get over than girls. 

According to an article in Business Insider, “the amount of time it takes to get over a relationship can vary wildly depending on the severity of the breakup.” 

For example, a breakup over something trivial or simple might only require a few days or weeks to reconcile. On the other hand, breaking up over serious issues like cheating and lying might require longer. Sometimes when people come back quickly after breaking up, it’s because of loneliness. 

Other common reasons include needing time alone to process the breakup, and wanting closure. The reasons for the breakup, and how long it takes you to get over the relationship, are all individual. 

When it comes to breakups, there is no right or wrong way to do it, and everyone experiences them differently.

Why do breakups hit guys later? Here are 5 reasons why breakups hit guys later:

  1. Men are less likely to reach out for help and support from friends. Instead, they tend to isolate themselves. 
  2. Men don’t handle rejection well, so they need more time to get over the girl. 
  3. Men are less likely than women to spontaneously soothe themselves down after any kind of upset. 
  4. Men may pull away and distance themselves emotionally in order to calm down. 
  5. Men are likely to take a longer time to get over it because they tend to be stubborn and emotional about things that bother them.

Do Guys Feel Bad After A Breakup?

It’s no secret that breaking up can be tough. Whether it’s with a long-term partner or someone you just started seeing, the pain of saying goodbye can be palpable.

But what about the guys? It turns out that men experience grief after a breakup, too. According to psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourne, men experience feelings of anger and resentment after an emotional breakup, and feel like their partner was “the one” [1] while women typically feel sadness, grief, and loneliness.

So why do guys grieve differently than women? Why do breakups hit guys later? Well, several factors come into play. 

For starters, studies have shown that men and women process emotions differently from one another. In addition, men are typically socialized to not talk about their feelings, so it’s only natural that they take longer to process their emotions. In fact, research has found that men take twice as long to process negative emotions compared to women. 

This, coupled with the fact that men are less likely to openly express their feelings, makes men less likely to seek help or talk about their breakups, leaving them feeling isolated [2] and alone.

Studies show that men who receive social support are better equipped to deal with emotional losses than women. This means that reaching out for support after your breakup can help you heal faster. So make an effort to reach out to your friends and family for emotional support. 

In one study, researchers found that women recovered from breakups more quickly than men. Women, who have a natural biological tendency towards emotional expression and affectionate bonding, are more likely to bounce back quickly from heartbreak. 

Men need time for themselves to process what has happened before they can find closure. Things like focusing on work or spending more time with friends can help him recover faster. He may also find it helpful to talk openly about his feelings to work through the mourning process. 

Do Guys Move On Faster After A Breakup?

So you’ve been broken up with. You’re probably feeling pretty down about it, and rightfully so. It’s tough when you’re the one getting dumped. But do guys move on faster after a breakup? 

According to an article published by Bustle, yes, they do. According to an article published on Bustle, 64% of men move on from a breakup within 3 months, while 67% of women take 3-6 months. 

“Men tend to move on faster after breakups than women,” says licensed marriage and family therapist Marie J. Juarez. “Every breakup is different, but generally speaking, men tend to move on within 3 months, while women tend to take 3- [1] 6 months.” 

While this article doesn’t completely address the question at hand, it does provide some useful information that backs up the claim that guys move faster than girls after a relationship ends.

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