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What is Love at First Sight? 15 Signs Of Love At First Sight

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Portrait of young Asian man flirting with beautiful woman in cafe

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Portrait of young Asian man flirting with beautiful woman in cafe

Love comes in surprising ways. For a lot of people, love at first sight has connected them to their dream partners and soulmates, while for many others, it just that doesn’t make any sense. 

And it’s not wrong to disagree because a lot of people like taking slow steps when it comes to love, and the other lot is adventurous that plunges in in belief and thinks about everything else later.

This is what love at first sight is all about. As much as it is adventurous, it also has deep science behind it. Let’s check it out in detail.

What is Love at First Sight?

Wikipedia defines it as,

“a person or character feels an instant, extreme, and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger upon first seeing that stranger.”

Well, in other words, it means to fall in love with someone on the basis of their first impression or while seeing/ meeting them for the first time. Sounds like a romantic dream, isn’t it?

Suppose you have created a list of qualities (primarily physical here) of your prospective partner. Now, on an ordinary day, an impressive person walks in through the door at your friend’s party. Your heart thumps. You can’t stop gazing at the person all through the event. Even after days have passed, your heart still misses a beat while thinking about them. That, my friend, is love at first sight.

But is there any scientific proof? Let’s understand the science behind love at first sight and facts about love at first sight.

What Does Science Say About Love At First Sight?

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According to researchers at the University of Groningen, love at first sight may actually be a “positive illusion.” It is more about a matter of belief where when you fall in love at first sight and or there is mutual love at first sight and things between you two with time, you will consider it knowing all along. 

Moreover, more scientifically speaking, when you feel an instant attraction, your brain release hormones, namely dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline which make you happy and excited. 

Also, the latest research also points out that approximately 34 percent of singles say they’ve actually experienced falling in love. It also discusses men experiencing it more as they are more visual.

But science or not, the statistical probability of love at first sight clearly shows that people do believe in the idea of falling in love with an intention to sticking to it.

Know more about what science says about it:

15 Signs Of Love At First Sight

Is it love at first sight? How do you know it’s love at first sight?

Wondering what are the characteristics of attraction at first sight to identify fake vs. real, check out these sure signs of love at first sight from a man or a woman and have a real idea about what has been going inside you and what does love at first sight feel like.

Young beautiful couple on romantic outdoor date enjoys freedom and warm summer evening in south city. Boy in trendy checkered shirt and girl in vintage white blouse walking on the road holding hands


When you fall in love at first sight, you experience extreme nervousness thinking about the future or while trying to plan out the next steps. When merely looking at someone makes you anxious, it’s a sure sign of love.

Butterflies in your tummy

You constantly feel butterflies fluttering in your tummy because this whole experience is new and beautiful for you. Considering your hormones come into play each time you see or think about them, your stomach simply drops.

Déjà vu

You experience a sense of familiarity. It feels like you have known them and met them before. Although this person is a complete stranger, one of the reasons why your eyes stop on them is because you experience Déjà vu. 

An uncontrollable urge to talk to them

You don’t want to keep yourself away from them. You wish to go and strike a conversation. Despite you feel awkward to make a move abrupt, your urge doesn’t seem to go.

You constantly think about them

When they are inside your head and heart 24*7, this is one of the love at first sight signs. It is similar to what happened when you were young and had your first crush. While a usual attraction dies in a few hours or days, love at first sight feeling stays.

You feel romantic

It is a love at first sight feeling when even on an ordinary day, you feel romantic because you are in love. 

Everything seems better, brighter, and shiner. All the love songs keep playing in your head and you constantly picture yourself romantically with the person in your head.

You love how they look

You might be judgemental at times, but when it comes to this person, you are completely blind to their flaws. Also, considering you got attracted on first seeing them, you find them perfect in it comes to how they look.

You don’t care about their type

Usually, falling in love is often a planned move where you first get to know each other better as friends before taking the next step. However, in this case, you don’t think about the steps at all and simply and innocently fall in love without thinking about compatibility, class, or status, and that is one of the attraction at first sight signs.

Your body language

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Body language plays an important role to figure out someone’s feelings and physical symptoms of love at first sight clearly show.

Signs of love at first sight from a girl usually include crossed legs, playing with their hair, flushed cheeks, etc. Besides, signs of love at first sight from a boy include sweaty palms, fidgety movements, intense eye contact, and so forth.

You want to know more about them

You don’t know a lot or anything about them because you fell in love with them on the first impression.

So obviously, you want to know them better, meet them and talk about them. You even try to find out about them through social media, mutual friends, or sources and this stands as one of the signs it was first sight love.

Eye contact

There are moments when you both share intense eye contact while talking to each other or while sitting across the room. Intense eye contact means unblinking eyes, dilation of pupils, raised eyebrows, etc. 

You often find yourself smiling

Subconsciously, you are always thinking about them, whether it is something from the past or your hopes from the future. So, you often end up smiling, whether you are alone or a part of the crowd. 

You lose the sense of time

Portrait of happy gay couple spending time together and having a date at the park. Lgbt and love concept.

You remain so lost in your thoughts that you lose the sense of time.

Maybe you spend some extra time standing under the shower or doing a particular task. 

Being hopeful

You are hopeful that things will turn in your favor. You begin to weave dreams of your rosy future. It is this hope that keeps you going day after day and pushes you to act in the direction of love.

You feel positive

You are always positive and cheerful. You are mostly happy now because you feel a beautiful journey is about to begin. You are filled with so much positivity that people around you begin to notice your changed jolly nature.


Love at first sight is one of the most beautiful feelings, and if you are sure of the signs and work your way up, there’s definitely a beautiful journey unfolding.

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