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What Is It Like To Fall In Love At The Age Of 60

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The world, more often than not, happens to profess that love knows no age, no boundaries. And yet, when it witnesses such an instance, it is ‘weird,’ ‘abnormal, ‘funny,’ ‘insane,’ and whatnot.

In all honesty, it is as much a matter of inhibition for the person experiencing it as much as it is for the world. For someone at the threshold where they have seen and lived a major portion of their life, learned so many love lessons, life lessons, and practically experienced it all, finding someone to fall in love with and feeling the butterflies all over again is an experience, not many around could advise on.

I recently met an elderly couple taking a stroll in the park, hand in hand. We seated ourselves on the same bench for a break on an arduous winter morning. The spark in their eyes, the zest in their gestures oozed so much love. I offered them water, and that’s how the conversation reeled off.

I learned they were neighbors and partners in grocery store visits, morning and evening strolls, doctor appointments, and their woes of children’s neglect. The best part about their relationship was that they happily embraced each other’s baggage– quite unlike modern-age love. 

The perspective towards relationships has so much changed- well, definitely for good. We have learned the art of self-love; we understand fair compromise in the union.

The difference is how we set the rules and gauge every bond that is not it. It has been happening for centuries.

As much as we have a picture set in our head of a ‘perfect couple,’ we fail to check on our thoughts in practical life how our judgment or jest can null a couple’s confidence. In my case, it was the elderly couple.

They didn’t plan to get married, but they surely accept their love for each other, a love that’s sane, patient, mature, promising, and adventurous.

While young, it’s hard to sift love from infatuation. But as you age, when the wrinkles begin to fall on your face, your gait is bent, and your medicine box piles up, you know the person holding your hand is not someone who seeks spice to elevate the love meter. They are someone who dare to hold you when you breathe your last or mumble your name when they do.

The world might cast an eye on an old love and trigger idle chat, but deep down, we all crave for it. In fact, that’s the kind of promise we always make to people we give our hearts to along the way. Falling in love at old age has its own benefits:

  • You Embrace the Person the way they are, irrespective of whether your dreams and ambitions are compatible. 
  • There aren’t any tangled wires in your head, making you question whether or not it will work. You simply practice Acceptance.
  • There isn’t any idée fixe of young lovers to shadow your reasoning. You are more Confident in your stance.
  • You Know Yourself Better as you age and have no bouts of fickleness in your thoughts. 
  • You have better Patience and Understanding and find joy in letting the relationship flow free.

Right from the time we understand the ways of the world, aren’t we all seeking such kind of true love? As much as long drives and luxe dine-ins might be the excitement of the bond, at the end of the day, aren’t we all simply looking for someone to embrace our imperfections, our quirks, and hold their shoulder up when we fall asleep next to them?

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