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Virgo: Traits, Personality, Love, Compatibility, & Career

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Virgos Traits, Personality, Love, Compatibility, & Career

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All You Need To Know About Virgos: Traits, Personality, Love, Compatibility, & Career

While coming across unprecedented situations or an unwelcoming instance, a usual tendency would be impulsiveness or some level of an emotional wreck. This is where a Virgo has an edge, a Superpower of staying cool as a cucumber and making calculated moves!

They won’t give in. They are the ones who take charge.

Ruled by Mercury, the Earth sign Virgo (August 23- September 22) lays a solid life foundation and likes to stay grounded. They are the rulers of the physical world and come with great pragmatism and wisdom- traits that welcome people to easily rely upon them.

Personality traits of the Virgo Sun sign

The predominant feature of the sign is that they derive their wit and intellect from their ruling planet, Mercury. If we go by Vedic astrology, the term Mercury or Budh stands for cleverness. 

Here are some vital personality traits of a Virgo 

1. They are analytical & logical

Clearly, their head rules their heart, making them a tad bit more realistic than others in the lot. So, you should always expect witty banter, practical discussions, and solution-oriented conversations. With an approach that believes more in action than dreaming, they tend to avoid idealistic and impractical plans or propositions.

2. They love to extend help

They are extremely sensitive to other people’s needs. Also, they like to prove their worth but also expect gratitude or a simple acknowledgment. So, rest assured that you won’t be left in a hitch if you have a Virgo around.


3. They are hard-workers

They are the hardest workers in the room and keep on accomplishing and moving onto their next goal. Often, they can be labeled as perfectionists and can be hard or over-critical of themselves. This sense of duty can lead them to unnecessary load and stress.

4. They can be bossy

They end up taking center stage because of their leadership qualities. However, their bossy nature ends as soon as they get the work done. Otherwise, they are modest, approachable and will enlighten you with their wisdom and great life lessons. 

5. They are cleanliness lovers

They LOVE staying neat and organized. Their inclination towards perfectionism leads them to remain in an orderly manner. If you are living with a Virgo, you must know how to meticulously fold the blankets or keep the wardrobe organized. 

Virgo as lovers

Virgo vector

Considering Mercury is in charge of communication and Virgo’s ruling planet, Virgos are great talkers, and you are sure to slip into a witty conversation with them and ultimately be impressed with their take on life.

However, they can appear rigid in their approach with stern beliefs but are easy to come by if you are not a glib talker. When in love, your intellect and smartness are a turn-on for a Virgo. Discuss important issues with them to land into their good books. 

They might not promise they’ll jump off the cliff or fetch stars for you, but their subtle love will definitely promise you stability and loyalty in life.

Besides, they are amazing observers and notice everything, from the little detailing on your clothing to the way you sip your coffee. 

They are known to be disciplined and goal-setters which means you will not ever be hogged with uninvited attention. They will grow and be a guide and inspiration for you to grow. 

Their mind is calm, and their take on life is uncomplicated. So, you can always count on them and trust them. They are intuitive, grounded, and happy lovers, playing no hidden games.

In bed, Virgos are over-critical of themselves, which can scale down their confidence but only a little. Otherwise, they are deeply compassionate, passionate, and warm. They will allow you to take the lead and learn as much from you. They are neat-freaks. So, you may choose to make love to them in an organized environment to help them feel comfortable.

Also, consider that they are very visual. Do not hesitate to try new things. They will definitely come out unleashed.

Signs compatible with Virgo

Astrological circle with zodiacal signs around moon and sun on colorful stained background vector illustration

Virgos are rational beings and astrologically, not all signs can hit the right chord. On the basis of a mix and match of different personality traits, here are the compatibility levels of a Virgo with each sign:

                  VIRGO & ARIES

Trust Trust issues might often arise due to sexual incompatibilities, but once that is settled, both the signs expect honesty in return for honesty.
Communication They need to set clear lines of communication for the relationship to thrive. Aries might call out Virgo for being a control freak, while the Virgo might consider Aries stepping too much out of line.
Romance Aries and Virgo can share a long-lasting relationship because they both complement each other’s strengths.
Values Both the signs are extremely loyal and dedicated (this being their core value).


                  VIRGO & TAURUS

Trust Both the signs share a mutual level of trust and understanding. The two signs will make a commitment only after they both are sure of extreme trust in each other.
Communication These signs are skilled in communication, and in cases of disagreements, their straightforward nature will help resolve the issue in an instant.
Romance Taurus is sensual, while Virgo is communicative. They both will develop some time to reach sexual heights but learn many things from each other in the process.
Values Both the signs are patient and understanding with strong communication skills. However, they both step back while expressing their emotions, which, if worked upon, can make their bond a long-lasting one.



Trust Geminis might come across as fickle-minded because they constantly change their mind, and this will be a great turn-off for a Virgo, affecting their trust levels immensely.
Communication Both the signs are great communicators, and when they come to blows, they will quickly resolve the issue rather than keeping things inside.
Romance A Virgo will usually come with a stick-to-the-routine approach, while Gemini is a thorough explorer. Romantically, they might not make a perfect match as both the signs will feel tied down. 
Values They both share different sets of values. So there are going to be definite clashes. However, they will quickly reconcile, given both the signs are strong in their own ways.



Trust Both the signs are earnest and dedicated, and that is why they share an undoubtedly strong bond.
Communication Virgos are straightforward in their approach, while Cancerians don’t like confrontation. This leads to difficulty in communication and eventually causes a communication gap.
Romance Both the signs are great learners. So, sexually and romantically, they will fill in for each other. While Virgos have difficulty in expressing emotions, their Cancerian partner will fix it up for them, and considering Cancerians are bad talkers, Virgos can play the part.
Values Both the signs are compassionate and adaptable. They believe in modest love and will make a great pair.



Trust These can be termed as complete opposites as they both have a hard time understanding each other.
Communication Fortunately, these signs are amazing communicators and there won’t be a dearth of topics. This will keep the relationship interesting.
Romance Leos are playful while Virgos don’t hold back. They both can make a good pair if they are willing to remain open to each other’s ways. 
Values Both the signs value respect and intellect which makes them a good fit for each other, provided they learn to work on their differences extensively. 



Trust The compatibility within the signs makes it easier for them to trust each other because they share the same wavelength.
Communication They both are skilled talkers and will definitely enjoy each other’s company for hours. Their critical nature might stand in the way but they know how to tackle it.
Romance They both share a sweet bond and find excitement in their modest romance. Sexual compatibility is great unless they project their critical side onto themselves and lose confidence. 
Values Virgo-Virgo is a good match because they share the same ideologies. However, the downsides like stubbornness and rigidity also come along, and if both the partners acknowledge it and work on it, they can make an excellent match.



Trust Libra and Virgo are two opposite natures and often fail to understand each other’s primary traits. This leads to conflict and, thereby, a lack of trust. 
Communication Although they both share emotional connect, their communication can sometimes be disrupted because they are likely to avoid confronting each other. 
Romance Libras are adventurous whereas Virgos are reserved, making them both difficult to connect romantically or sexually. 
Values Both the signs practice different ideologies and living with each other might cause constant disruption in their normal lives.



Trust Both the signs share a deep sense of trust. Since this trait in a partner is important to both of them, they finally open up and understand each other.
Communication They are open to having even the most uncomfortable discussions with each other. So, they understand that a confrontational communication will only strengthen their bond.
Romance They share a great level of comfort which makes the romance between them fulfilling and satisfying. In the bedroom, they both ensure their partner is satisfied.  
Values Both the signs are intense lovers and value deep conversations. They like to work in harmony with their partners and this union gives them a perfect scope.



Trust Sagittarius trust themselves more than others, while Virgos place utmost trust on their partners, causing a disbalance in the harmony. 
Communication They both share good communication levels but often end up falling back to irrelevant fights and disagreements, owing to the lack of trust and differences in their values. 
Romance Sexual or romantic connection between these signs is not as exciting as that between Virgo & Taurus or Virgo & Capricorn. As one is an Earth sign and the other is the Fire sign, they might feel pushed into it.
Values These signs share somewhat similar values but Virgos like to remain a little reserved whereas Sagittarius people are more open and adapting to things. They both need to meet at a common ground to make a great match.



Trust These two signs share a high level of trust, making them one of the best pairs when it comes to love and understanding.  
Communication Their ability to communicate is also high as they share almost the same interests and ideas. 
Romance They share a strong chemistry and that makes them extremely compatible in the bedroom. They are synchronized when it comes to attending to each other’s needs. 
Values Both the signs are equally understanding and respecting. They value depth and focus on resolving the issues and work great for their compatibility. 



Trust These two signs might connect to share a strong bond but a lack of trust can cause many upheavals in the relationship. Considering they both hold their emotions back, this weakens their pillar of trust.
Communication These two signs clearly hold back their emotions. However, they both have similar topics of conversation and do not get bored in each other’s company.
Romance They both have different dating ideas. Therefore, their romantic compatibility can only be called decent. In the bedroom, an Aquarius looks for spontaneity whereas A Virgo follows a reserved, laid back, and observing approach. 
Values Both the signs value intelligence which helps them connect and communicate. However, they need many other matching traits to row the boat.



Trust The two signs share a healthy relationship with just the right dose of trust. This is because they both feel secure and confident with each other.
Communication They both share an open line of communication and their similar areas of interest help them enjoy each other’s company for hours. 
Romance Both these signs are passionate lovers and follow instinct, making them reveal their true sides to each other. They both feel relaxed with each other and consequently, their sexual compatibility is strong.
Values Both the signs are adapting and believe communication is the key, making them an ideal pair.


Career scope of the sun sign Virgo


Virgos are analytical, methodical, and pragmatic. As aforementioned, they are also utmost perfectionists. Following jobs are well-suited for them on the basis of their personality traits and take on life:

  • Teacher
  • Secretarial job
  • Librarian 
  • Dietician
  • Research work
  • Accountancy/ auditing
  • Surveying
  • Graphic designing

Virgos don’t really like stepping into the limelight or dealing with reckless people. They should avoid any such job that demands them to do so.

Watch and learn more:


Every star sign has different sets of traits. While this list is not exhaustive and a lot depends on the person’s life experiences and teachings, the list definitely serves as a guide to help give direction to any Virgo seeking some in-depth answers.

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