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28 Signs You Were Never in Love With Them

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When you know what love could feel like with the right person, it might be difficult to accept that love is just not coming through from your side. It can be difficult to know you are just not in love. 

28 signs you were never in love

It can be difficult to know you are just not in love. Maybe you don’t feel butterflies in your stomach when you see them, or maybe there’s no excitement around being together. Maybe you don’t feel the warmth and love that is supposed to come with being in a relationship.

Wondering, “Was I really in love?” Here are some signs that might suggest you were never in love:

1. You don’t bother to make up after the fight 

it’s as if it doesn’t matter to you anymore; neither do you care what they think or feel. You don’t even get angry about them or what they say. This could mean that you don’t really care for them either, and it could be one of the signs you were never in love with them in the first place.

2. You have lost interest in whatever they say 

You don’t really care about what they are saying or how they are feeling. You’ve stopped trying to see the best in your relationships, be it your family, friends, or your partners. Maybe you’ve stopped caring, and that really could be one of the signs you were never in love.

3. There’s no attraction from your side 

This could be because you’re not attracted to them, or maybe you don’t feel comfortable with how they look. You feel no spark when you first see them, which also means you aren’t physically attracted to them.

4. You avoid discussions around commitment

It seems like you don’t want to talk about the future with them because it scares you. You might feel like you can’t handle being in a long-term relationship or that they are not the right.

5. There are a lot of relationship arguments

This could be because you don’t feel happy or safe with them. You might find it hard to compromise or deal with problems because you don’t trust them.

6. You exclude them from your plans

Do you think, “We were never in love?” It seems you prefer to do things alone rather than with your companion because you don’t want their input. You might also withdraw affectionately, which could mean that you never loved them.

7. You complain about them to friends and family

Maybe you’ve just had enough of them and have started complaining about them in your friends and family circle as well. Again, this could just be a sign that you are not happy with them.

8. You compare them to your exes

If you have been in long-term relationships before, you probably compare every new one to your old ones. This might mean that you are unhappy with your current partner or that they don’t measure up.

9. You are sad around them

If you were never in love with your spouse, you might be unhappy around them but don’t want to show it or hurt their feelings. You might also find it hard to concentrate or focus on anything when they are around.

10. There’s no teamwork

If you think, “I never was in love with you,” This could be because you don’t feel like they are pulling their weight or that they aren’t doing anything. It could also be because you don’t feel like they are on your side.

11. You have an interest in someone else

If you are in a new relationship and you see someone else you like, this could mean that you don’t like the person you’re currently with or that you don’t care enough to work things out with that person.

12. You don’t update them with important things about your life

If you say, “I never was in love,” you could be worried that they will judge or criticize you for what you are saying but you simply might not want to share these things with them.

13. You feel irritated with them

If you find yourself constantly irritated with them and thinking you were never being in love with them all this while, it might be a sign that you don’t like them or care about them enough to overcome your irritations.

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14. There’s a lack of communication

If you don’t feel like you can talk to them and you feel uncomfortable when talking to them, it could be one of the signs you were never in love with them. It’s also important to remember that communication is key in any relationship.

15. You can’t stand to be around their friends

Having different friends is not a bad thing, but if your partner has their own circle of friends that you can’t stand being around, it could be a sign that you don’t really like spending time with them or don’t agree with the friends they have.

16. You don’t feel like you belong to them

If you feel like they are not really into or interested in your presence, it could be a sign that you don’t belong to them.

17. You have a lot of unresolved anger

If you are angry with them often and don’t know how to express it or control it, this could be a sign that you don’t like them and are struggling to cope with them.

18. You feel like you are constantly in competition with them

If you find yourself always trying to out-do them or outshine them, this could be a sign that you don’t want to hang out with them as much as they do with you.

19. There’s an absence of love-filled gestures

If they aren’t putting any effort into your relationship, they probably won’t be doing much to show you that they love you either.

20. There’s a lack of respect

if they don’t respect you as a person and make you feel small or unimportant, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time with them.

21. They make you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them

If they make you doubt yourself or your abilities for no reason, then they might not be somebody you want in your life.

22. You expect a lot of changes in their personality

If you want someone committed to you for the long term, then you shouldn’t expect them to change a lot over time.

23. You have stopped meeting their family

If neither of you have made an effort to meet each other’s families, then this could mean that you don’t really want to commit to each other anyway.

24. Your gut feeling says you don’t love them

No matter how good the arguments or how much you think you love them, your gut instinct will always be able to tell you if you love someone or not.

25. Your relationship feels draining

If you are constantly tired after spending time with them or if you don’t feel like your relationship brings out the best parts of yourself, then perhaps this could just be a sign that you were never in love with them after all.

26. You don’t think about them enough

If you have tried to stop thinking about them but don’t succeed, then it may be because you don’t really care about the relationship anymore.

27. You force affection

If someone isn’t affectionate toward you but you continue to show them that you like them by expressing your emotions for them, this just might be a sign you were never in love with them.

28. You don’t feel like working on the relationship 

Maybe you feel like you can’t make them happy, so you just decide to give up on the relationship and stop putting in the effort to make it work out.

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In a relationship where you show signs you were never in love, you would first have to bring the wall down to really understand if your feelings are genuine or not. If you are sure there’s no love lost between the two of you, it’s best to walk away and have an honest life for yourself

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