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What Makes a Man a Husband Material- 20 Signs

By Yashvisiroya


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Such an interesting question, all my female friends have in their minds. Husband material is often heard, but never really sure what it actually refers to or what are the things a man who is a husband material has. 

Let me break it down for you. Let me start by giving you a short briefing on who is a husband material and then dive into the signs and what makes him one. 

What does husband material mean?

To understand this better, let’s take a short example so that it becomes more relatable for you. This is definitely not the only situation, but this will help you understand the difference between who’s husband material and who is love bombing you. 

Example 1:

It’s been a couple of years since you’ve been dating, but you see changes in him. He’s not as active, doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with you, but sends you a lot of gifts, publicly says he loves you. 

Example 2:

Keeping the storyline similar. It’s been a few years you’ll have been dating, but he still takes the effort to talk to you, spend time with you, doesn’t disappear, and reappear. 

Who do you think is better? Or to phrase my question in a better way, who of the two is love bombing, and who is husband material?

Let me elaborate on it for you:

In the first instance, the gifts and declaration of love might sound really dreamy, but avoiding meeting or appearing and disappearing isn’t a good sign. A person like this is manipulating or love bombing you. You can even call it gaslighting. 

In the second example, even after a couple of years, the person hasn’t lost interest in you. Is taking efforts to make things going, even though it might not make expensive gifts or public declarations of love. He is husband material. 

What makes a man good husband material?

A man who takes the effort, wants you to be a part of his future, takes the relationship seriously is someone you can call a person a candidate for a husband. 

Now the question arises of what makes a man a good husband. 

Everyone has a lot of flaws and so does a person who might be the right candidate for a husband. But here are a few things or green flags that can help you concrete your decision. 

Seriousness towards the relationship from the start, not treating it like a joke or just for fun. 

He really wants things to work. He will take all the efforts to make it happen till the last breath of the relationship. He won’t give up on the first fight or fall out. His maturity is one of the biggest advantages. 

20 signs he’s husband material

Let me tell you 20 signs that he is husband material. 


He is very liable. You can trust him with your life. He doesn’t give you many reasons to doubt him or spy on him

– Brings out the best in you

Some people really bring out the worst in you. There is just something they do or say that makes you behave a certain way that is not acceptable. But he brings out the best in you. The best of your behavior, lifestyle, and things like that. 

– Knows how to be vulnerable

He is not scared of being vulnerable in front of you. He is ok with sharing with you whatever is on his mind and he confides in you without any hesitation.  

– Is mentally stable

Mental stability in any person is so important. It helps them make correct decisions and stay firm with their ideologies. 

– Financially independent

Financial independence holds so much importance in everyone’s life. Be it a man or a woman. It brings in a sense of security and responsibility.

– Shares a similar love language

The two of you share a similar love language. If not, he understands yours and respects it. Doesn’t force you to change or adapt to his.

– Respects your friends and family as well

For him, your friends and family are just as important as his. He wants to spend time with them. He won’t avoid them or ask you to cut your time with them.

– Values you a lot

You mean the world to him. He’ll share the smallest of details about his life with you. He won’t do anything or bring upon a situation where he is at risk of losing you. 

– Good at communicating

He communicates his feelings well. Won’t make you guess or give you the silent treatment. He will be loud and clear, but also sit down and work out so that things don’t blow out of proportion. 

– Helps you reach your goal

Your goal is as important to them as theirs is to them. They will help you achieve your goal. They’ll motivate you and be your biggest supporter and cheerleader. 

– Doesn’t make the relationship feel like a burden

Some relations are just toxic and draining. And some are just so rejuvenating and don’t feel like a burden to you. This is one of them. It is one of the best decisions you made. 

– Has similar values and background

They believe in similar family values and backgrounds. They have similar beliefs and if not they respect yours.  

– Consistent with his efforts

Even after a couple of years of relationship, they don’t stop putting in the effort. They make small gestures that make you feel wanted and cared for.

– Clear about his vision

He has his vision set. He knows what he wants from his future and works towards it. He wants to give you a sense of security and well-being in the future.

– Respects your choices

He will respect your choices and give them all the importance they deserve. He won’t ask you or force you to change them, just because he doesn’t like them or match his standards. 

– Plans a future with you

While planning a future, he makes sure you are a part of it as well. He wants you to be a part of his life for as long as possible. 

– He is proud of having you

He flaunts you like you are his most prized possession. He doesn’t show you off as a style statement, but like you mean the world to him.

– Makes you a part of his life

He wants you to be involved in his life, with his family and friends. He wants you to know his schedule and everything that includes him.

– Accepts you the way you are

He loves you the way you are. He doesn’t want to change you nor does he expect you to change overnight. You taking efforts to change for yourself for your own betterment is all he wants. 

– Ready to take the big step

He is ready to ask you the big question ‘will you marry me?’ He’s not afraid of taking the relationship to the next level. You are a decision he’s already made for his future.


Does reading all of these bring a smile to your face, either because you have someone like him or you long to have someone like him. In both cases, it takes time and sometimes a few relationships to not work. 

Ladies, it’s just like finding the right size of denim, which fits you just perfectly. It usually takes you a few trials and changes of brands before you find the right one.  It’s a long way to the destination, so enjoy the journey. 

Just trust the process. A man who’s a husband material is either already with you, or like you on the lookout for his Mrs perfect. This time around don’t fall in love, have stable grounds in love. 

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