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Millennial Parents 🔊Raise Your Kids NOT Like Your Parents Raised You

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Being a millennial parent is fun! You wear an invisible ‘cool’ sash because if you think of drawing a comparison between millennial parents vs our parents, you are equally fond of junk, understand technology,  and don’t follow the parenting memorandum of the past. However, at times, millennial parenting can be burdened with challenges you never knew about.

But all you are left with is to deal with situations while learning everything in the process. You can’t sow apples and sprout peaches. And with the roll of time, the parenting ways need to be renewed too.

Don’t worry, you are still an awesome millennial mom or dad. To help you take it easy, here are essential millennial parenting tips and tricks that are sure to guide you.

Spend More Time With Kids

As millennial parents, you are not just a regular mom or dad, you have to wear many shoes and act as your child’s best friend, guide, therapist, and partner in crime. Don’t pose stiffly in photos with them- throw a pout.

Don’t ram vegetables down their throat- find newer options. Indulge in their favourite pastime. Start making sensible conversations and give them the power of decision making, at times.

Don’t Say Yes To Everything

The world today comes with a zillion options. Kids generally have a want-all attitude. Don’t give in to every demand.

It’s natural to find your heart-melting but remember the saying by Betty Davis, “If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent.” So, being rational will make them rational and save you enough bucks too. 

No Comparisons, Please

Don’t lay out Sharma ji ka beta stats and tell your kid they scored a digit less. This is more likely to make your kid more withdrawn.

This is the generation of umpteen career options that earlier used to be mere side hustles, meant only to be launched proudly in front of relatives. Children today should have the right to explore their capabilities without being judged. 

Show, Don’t Tell

Want your kid to embrace good habits like sleeping on time or putting away the plate after the meal? Be the role model and show your kid how any task is done.

Home is the first school. So, don’t leave Moral Science just for the school to impart it to your kid 

Health First

One of the best millennial parenting trends is that #fitnessgoals are taken seriously. Concern for health comes handy before any advent of the disease or bodily imbalance.

So, teach your child to be mindful of what goes inside the tummy. Give them nutritional stats and keep junk only for cheat days. Also, remember homemade is not always a healthy option. If you wish to impose that, make sure you avoid deep-fried food.

Step Up, Dad

Say the word Dad and you will paint a mental picture of a grumpy face sitting in the living room, barely talking unless demanding a cup of tea or enquiring about the results. Millennial dads need to share the load.

The struggles and caregiving is each parent’s responsibility and it is indispensable to strike that balance in millennial parenting.

Respect Their Opinions

Sometimes, it is unnecessary to impose orders on kids. Let your child have a say. It is important for children to voice their opinion, lest they should turn coy and diffident in the long run. They can be irrational most of the time, but rather than shutting them blatantly, use logic to help them understand better. 

So, take everything as it comes. Don’t let strict guidelines rule you. Take it easy with these basic ideas and believe that you are doing fine!

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