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I Gave My Heart To Someone Who Loved Me In Bits & Pieces

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You could be anyone from the list below:

  • In a relationship
  • Single
  • Crushing over someone
  • Heartbroken
  • In one-sided love

No matter who you are, I recognize you. I relate to your tear-jerking episode when someone got comfortable seeing you linger in their love or when they left you heartbroken, without you having any clue.

Your favorite pillow has soaked your streaks of tears running down night after night, unfortunately, at times, day after day. Your dear blanket has witnessed you stifling your wails in the dead of the night when that someone refused to call you their own, and all you were left was with yourself.

You could be anyone from the list, and yet you would have experienced such or similar instances atleast once in your lifetime.

I recognize you.

Being loved half-heartedly sinks you in such a deep abyss of seclusion. People around you are just a crowd. Smiling faces don’t heal you. Pep talks don’t uplift you.

I recognize you. I have loved someone who chose silence in lieu of my love. 

The truth is, on any given day, half-hearted love is not love. 

Frankly, there are enough battles you fight in this world, have enough inner devils to calm. So, love should not be one of the battles you pick. 

You’ll fight too many things to stick with this person who is still testing waters with you, and preparing themselves for a finer life, sans you. You’ll tussle with your heart, your gut feeling, your mind, and every logical fiber of your being. At times, you will find yourself contend with your friends and everyone caring for you.

But you must know, it’s nothing close to love. It’s just another journey towards a heartbreak.

You might complain you are never able to recognize it. Someone just made you believe this is what love looks like.


The entire experience simply depletes you. But it’s never too late to mend if you recognize the signs of unrequited love.

Do you apologize often?


You will find yourself saying sorry, even when it wasn’t your mistake. You’ll apologize when it’s not needed. But why is it your mistake all the time? Ask yourself before you utter your next sorry.

You make more efforts 

You wake up every day with a new mission to please your partner, or maybe a new idea to win their heart. 

Honestly, love is a peaceful feeling. If it makes you irrational and crazy, step down and tell yourself you deserve someone who makes efforts and not excuses, someone who does not put you second.

You look for topics to talk on

Well, your so-called special one should make an effort to initiate the communication rather than just you doing all the talking.

Does it happen that you look for things to talk on because if you don’t, the conversation would just end?

This is not the relationship dynamic you should choose. Choose the one who shares as much as you do.

Finding your peace in someone’s chaos will only lead to self-destruction. You’ll keep thinking you are not enough and augmenting your ‘perfect flaws’ that are causing distance in the relationship.

Half-hearted love is scarring. Half-hearted love falls apart. So, learn to give that love to someone who values it. And most importantly, give it to yourself first.

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