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How to Get Over a Girl: 15 Tips

By Yashvisiroya


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Some relationships are just too close to our hearts, and when they don’t work out as we expected them to, it leaves us heartbroken and a little clueless. We see our present and future with them by our sides. 

You give your fullest to the relationship and still end up losing the person; in the process, you lose yourself. 

Getting over a girl is not easy. Get them out of your head, your friend group, your family, from everywhere. It will take a lot of time and a lot of self-healing before you get yourself back.  

Move on from the girl isn’t that the advice we always hear when we end a relationship or have just come out of one? It’s always easier said than done. We make them a part of our everything only to be told to forget about them. 

After being told to get over a girl you loved, you feel like you should genuinely work on yourself, and nothing is going to help have your relationship back. How do you get over a girl you loved?

You just can’t stop loving someone you deeply felt for. It won’t stop hurting overnight. A lot of self-work will be required to even get you started on the process. One day you feel like you have it in control. 

Next, you will feel like everything is slipping away. It’s going to be a long way before you feel strong and like yourself again. Even after that, you will have a soft corner for them for a long time before they become just a part of your memory. 

How do you get over a girl you loved?

Getting over a girlfriend you still love is going to be difficult for sure, but if things have not worked out for either of you, it’s better to let that be in the past. 

A clean breakup will make it easy for you to move ahead. If it’s a messy end to your relationship, the both of you will carry baggage in the next relationship, and the chances of ruining it are high. 

Honestly, there is no best way to get over a girl you love. In the start, everything will feel horrible and difficult, but you have to make yourself keep going. There will be a point where some days it won’t be all that bad. The pain will become bearable. That in itself will be great progress. 

And after a lot of self-healing, it’ll all just be a part of memory and a happy one. All this won’t happen in a week’s time, but you will definitely get there. Take a day at a time, and you’ll see yourself coping way better than you thought. 

Has a thought like ‘why can’t I get over her’ ever crossed your mind? 

I am sure it has. And you have tried multiple things people around you might have suggested. Here are some ways of how you can get over a girl. 

15 ways to get over a girl

Here are 15 ways on how to get over a girl:

1. Focus on yourself

Pay attention to yourself and your career. Don’t let anything hinder you and take away things you worked hard for. 

Check out this video to know more:

2. Socialize more

Don’t lock yourself out. Meet people and friends. Enjoy a little rather than beating yourself for what happened. A change of environment will make you feel better. 

3. Be physically active

Keep yourself active by playing sports, running or gym, whatever you enjoy more. It will help you use your energy in a better way and help keep the overthinking at bay.

4. Indulge in new hobbies

Try out new things, and indulge in new hobbies. They will keep you entertained and occupied both. 

5. Step away from friends of the same group:-

If you have common friends, politely stir clear from them. Constant reminders of her won’t do you any good. So staying away is better. 

6. Give yourself sometime

Give yourself some time to analyze and grasp the situation correctly. Don’t push yourself too hard to act or behave a certain way. 

7. Don’t push your friends and family away

Talk to your friends and family. Tell them how you feel and whatever else you feel like talking about. Don’t close them out. They will help you come out of it.

8. Maintain a diary

Maintain a journal. Write down disturbing thoughts in it so that it’s off your chest and you don’t carry it around with you. 

9. Don’t get into a new relationship immediately

Getting into a new relationship immediately is not advised. You are usually too vulnerable and carry the baggage of the previous relationship on you. So not getting into one right after is a better choice. 

10. Avoid being in touch with them

Don’t be in touch with them or meet them with the same group of friends unless you are strong enough to deal with their presence and not have a whirlwind of emotions. 

11. Don’t be friends after the breakup

The biggest mistake we make is staying friends with them after the breakup so as not to lose them completely. But it’s just a recipe for disaster.  

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12. No social media stalking

Do not under any circumstance stalk them on social media to see what they are up to these days or if they have someone new in their lives. 

13. See a specialist

If you feel things are going out of control and too overwhelming for you to handle, then see a specialist and seek professional help. 

14. Allow yourself to feel

It’s ok to feel sad, lonely, or even vulnerable or lost. Allow yourself to feel. It will help you rebuild yourself when you know exactly what and how much is destroyed. 

15. And lastly, learn to accept

Lastly, learn to accept it’s over. Whatever happened for the best. Accept the fact that it didn’t work out and that it’s not the end of the world. 

Don’t get into wrong habits like drinking or smoking to feel better or to relieve yourself from stress. 

These were 15 ways how to get over a girl. It’s not going to be easy, but it will surely be helpful. 

How long does it take to get over a girl?

We gave you a few of the best ways to get over a girl you felt deeply about. We all hate the feeling of feeling pain constantly. The only thing that comes to mind is, how long does it take to get over a girl?

To be honest and out there, this is no fixed timeline for things related to feelings. Sometimes it’s a few months or years. It’s how deeply you felt for the person and how badly you were hurt. It has no definite time period that it has to start and end at a certain time span. Take your time but heal completely. 

In this video, Mona investigates different strategies for falling out of love with the help of a couples therapist, and unveils the research on how long it takes to get over a breakup.


In conclusion, how to get over a girl is important, and it starts with how not to think about the girl and a lot of other things that involve stopping thinking about the girl. It all starts with keeping your emotions in check and not letting them be in the driving seat. 

Take your time, and feel everything, but don’t let them overpower you to the point where you are overwhelmed and regret what you did. Regret will eat you from inside for a long time so be wise in what you get yourself into, even if it’s getting ABC with them. 

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