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9 Everyday Achievements You Should Applaud Yourself For

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Life is just a bowl of cherries…

Every breath you take, every stride you make is a decision. A decision that you consciously take. Life always offers you alternatives, one that is tougher and goads you ahead and the other, an easy slip away.

So, what did you choose today?  If you belong to the bracket that doesn’t take a lazy man’s load, you deserve to give yourself some applause because you are a gem, a rare one! 

If you think you are ordinary, we present 10 achievements that need to be celebrated, no matter how small they seem.

1. Stepping Out

You leave the comfort of your bed every day because you are willing to make it happen. You are a self-driven soul with a hard-working attitude. Continue being your own inspiration.

2. Talking To A Stranger

Isolation often seems comfortable. When you are on a rough road, you might choose not to interact much but you do. You reach out to people, you converse even if you don’t discuss your difficulties. Thank yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone. 

3. Staying Into The Game

Life doesn’t treat you well often. You don’t opt out but stay in the game. Your inner response is to throw aside the hurdles and bud despite the competitive pressure. Keep that on.

4. Creating

You have an art, a skill that sets you apart. Whether it’s playing the guitar or telling a funny joke, you create something for yourself and give something to the world every day. It’s yours and it’s unique.

5. Mentoring Someone

You take time out to help someone sail through the rough sea. You hold their helm until they feel good. It could be relationship advice, a career counseling, or a life tip you did for them and became a reason for their happiness.

6. Acknowledging Someone’s Efforts

In a world where everybody is busy blowing their own trumpet or being green with envy, you acknowledge someone’s effort that others hardly noticed. That’s the sign of a good soul.

7. Taking Care Of Your Family

You love your family and do not turn blind eye to their needs. You shower them with love and all the support you could provide because your love for them is unconditional. It’s that rare?

8. Accepting Your Mistakes

It takes guts to accept your own mistakes. It shows you are humble and intelligent enough to learn from them. You take the responsibility for your actions which is a sign of maturity.

9. Taking Care Of Your Body

You love your body, your life, and do not give in to vices. Having a healthy life is a prerequisite to everything you want in the world and you aren’t destroying yourself for a moment’s delight.

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