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10 Foods That Increase Libido & Foods to Avoid Before Sex

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Sex is an important part of our day-to-day lives, but you can have problems that occur. As we age, our bodies don’t function as they should due to the food we eat.

You may suffer from a poor sex life even if you’re younger and do not eat the proper food for a sex drive. You could take medication to address the issues, but this has side effects that can be unpleasant.

If your sex life is a struggle and you’re having problems in the bedroom, there are other natural solutions like best foods for sex and don’t require medications.

Juicing: A Way To Boost Sex Drive 

Front close view of organic fresh juices in bottles served with tubes and fruits on a wooden cutting board on a brown table

Juicing is the process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. It’s estimated that around 90% of Americans don’t eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans says that adults need 1.5 to two cups and about 2-3 cups of vegetables each day. It’s estimated that Americans eat fruit only once per day and vegetables 1.7 times per day.

The CDC indicates that the numbers need to rise as fresh fruit and vegetables can reduce obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer risks. What or worse is that young people tend to eat even less food for sex drive when compared to an adult.

Thankfully, all these issues can be solved with these natural sex stimulants’ food and food for sexual health. You can dramatically increase food for sex drive in your diet by including natural juices to enhance your sex life.

– Fruits, vegetables, and sex

If you want to know about the foods that help sex drive, you need to eat food for sex drive that includes fruits and vegetables. These are the foods that increase sexual stamina and blood circulation. 

Researchers indicate that a high fruit consumption that includes citrus fruit, berries, grapes, and apples reduced ED or erectile dysfunction by 14%.

Fruits contain flavonoids that help treat issues with ED. Celery releases steroids, which are called androsterone. These travel to the sweat glands and can even attract the opposite sex. Arginine found in celery expands the blood vessels and acts as a natural Viagra.

Spinach has a high level of magnesium, and it helps to dilate the blood vessels, so you get better blood flow. Pomegranate juice can raise testosterone, which is the male sex hormone, and it can help both sexes as it’s high in antioxidants, which lifts the mood as well as increases blood flow.

It’s clear that natural sex drive boosting foods like fruits and vegetables play a significant role in your sex life. So, the following are listed foods and drinks that stimulate sex drive.

– Juicing for enhanced male sex drive

Bananas have a high level of potassium which reduces your sodium levels. High sodium makes you retain water, and this decreases your blood flow. Higher levels of potassium increase blood flow which makes it a food that makes you last longer in bed and get a better erection.

In the list of the best food for man after marriage or foods for better erection, blueberries are rich in high levels of antioxidants, and these produce nitric oxide, which opens blood vessels. Ginger is excellent for inflammation and better blood flow. Watermelon has citrulline, and this converts to nitric oxide for proper blood flow.

Kale has high levels of B vitamins, which balance hormones, and this improves the libido and keeps it high. Beets are high in nitrates, and this improves blood circulation to the genitals. The poly nutrients in beets help detox the body and return hormones to normal.

Okra is high in zinc, and low levels of zinc have been linked to erectile dysfunction. Add tomato juice for the lycopene as the food for male libido.

– Juicing for enhanced female sex drive

Bananas help women just as much as males, but a bit differently. Bananas have bromelain, which is an enzyme and acts as one of the foods that increase female libido and energy.

Carrots increase a female’s level of sexual satisfaction as they have high levels of vitamin A which improves body sensations. Celery has high aldosterone, and this increases a woman’s libido.

Dark green vegetables have high levels of zinc, and this increases female sex drive. Pineapple produces estrogen, and this raises female satisfaction in the bedroom.

Flavor your juice or other food for sex drive with ginseng, as this increases female sexual desire.

– Significantly increase fruits and vegetables in your diet

Adding natural fruits and vegetables apart from the food for sex drive to your diet is a good option for your overall wellbeing.

Juicing is a better way to get higher levels of these nutrients without feeling as full. Since you don’t have to eat the food, you get up your nutrition profile quickly with just juice.

Try adding a couple of glasses of fresh juice to your diet each day. There are many wonderful recipes to try, and it can be something fun for both of you to do together.

As a couple, you’ll be happy if you add a dash of juice to your everyday foods!

Aphrodisiacs, Food For Your Libido: How Do They Work

Top view of berries fresh colorful assortment, strawberries and black currants on white plate. healthy food concept

Aphrodisiacs are any substances that, when consumed, will help to increase your libido. They make couples feel more sexually engaged, help in improving sexual desire, pleasure, and performance.

Simply put, this is one of the sex foods that increase libido, and if you want to spice up your intimate life or get things moving in the bedroom, we have everything you need to know to eat your way to bringing more sexual activity into your marriage.

According to Dr. Elaine Magee, MPH, RD (a food and nutrition expert), it’s a proven fact that libido foods contribute to enhancing the sensitivity of the sexual organs and increasing arousal.  

She explained that it is the virtue of eating that produces arousal in mind. As it turns out, it is actually the consumption of food that sends signals to the minds of couples to consummate because there is a deep association to satisfy the venereal and carnal cravings of each other.

You can return your sex life to normal and even improve it, in some cases, with the best food for sex drive. One efficient way to address your poor sex life and also save your marriage is to start juicing.

10 Foods That Increase Libido

woman eating with fork and smiling

So, what food is good for better sex? 

If you are seeking foods that increase libido to enhance your romance in the bedroom, here is a list of sex booster food or sex stamina food you would love to try:

1. Chilli peppers

Which food increases sex power? What to eat before sex?

What better way to open our list of foods that increase libido than to get started with the red, hot chili pepper! Chilies have been around for centuries and have been among the most exotic foods to take to increase sexual attraction.

The red hot chili pepper contains endorphins which not only trigger happy feelings but also elevate the heart rate and increase your body temperature. 

Sounds familiar? These feelings are all related to arousal and the pleasure that is brought about by having an orgasm.

2. Oysters

Oysters are the golden boy of aphrodisiacs.  

They are often depicted as funny-looking food resembling female genitalia.  They contain a whole load of amino acids, which are utterly responsible for increasing one’s sex hormones and, therefore, are one of the best foods that increase libido.

3. Chocolates

What food is good for sex?

Yehey! Chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate?

The richness of its flavor and aroma is a sure-fire way to ignite your senses and work as the best supplement for stamina in bed. Unless you have allergies to this one, chocolates are among the top food good for sex – the pleasure-seeking hormone.

If you do wish to involve chocolates in your romancing, make sure to use dark chocolates.

The more processed the chocolate is, the more aphrodisiac qualities are lost, such as the flavonols and amino acids, which are vital for your vitality!

Have some dark chocolates in moderation every day, and your heart and spirit will surely be grateful.

4. Strawberries

washed and cleaned ripe strawberries in a simple white bowl on the table indoors

They’re small and sweet foods that increase libido packed with vitamin C. Strawberries are used as one of the foods to use during sex during couple sex games.

These fruits contain a lot of nutrients necessary to help keep blood flowing all around the body. 

Emphasizing ‘ALL AROUND’ as that includes your genitals too!

5. Bananas

In the list of foods that turn you on sexually, this phallic-shaped food is definitely not a stranger among foods that make you more sexually attractive.

It contains bromelain, which is an enzyme known to trigger testosterone production; furthermore, bananas also contain potassium and vitamin B to help increase energy levels.

6. Cherries

Cherry is another fruit that is often related to intercourse.

“Popping the cherry,” ring a bell?

This tiny fruit is known to be packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C, and E, which brings on feel-good chemicals.

It also has melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating your heart’s rate.

7. Coffee

closeup of coffee with heart

Coffee has been known to be a source of a lot of beneficial antioxidants.

What is notable here is that the caffeine in coffee not only helps you to stay awake but increases your heart rate and pumps up your blood circulation. Also, if you are wondering what food to eat after sex, coffee can also be an option to consume to beat the tiredness of the intense bedroom scenes.

8. Honey

The term for ‘honeymoon’ actually comes from ‘mead,’ a fermented drink made from the combination of honey and water. This drink was traditionally gifted to newlyweds by the father of the bride.

Honey is also a symbol of procreation and even fertility in some cultures. So, it’s no wonder that honey is considered one of the foods that increase libido.

Honey contains boron which is responsible for regulating both the estrogen and testosterone levels in both men and women. It is also known as a natural energy booster.

9. Olive oil

Health experts swear by the benefits that olive oil has, and for centuries, it has been regarded as among the healthiest foods.

With a good amount of healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) that not only help regulate your blood flow and hormone production, but olive oil also makes men more virile and ready for action!

10. Red wine

And last but definitely not the least in the list of foods that increase libido, red wine.

Red wine is widely known as an efficient source of antioxidants that help battle cancer and help promote a  healthy heart when taken in moderation. But did you know that it is also widely regarded as an aphrodisiac?

Red wine contains amines, specifically, histamines which are known stimulants for increasing sexual desire. And not only that, consuming red wine in moderation will make you more sexually attractive by giving you a little blush on your cheeks.

Foods To Avoid Before Sex

top view of junk food

Apart from the foods that increase libido, let’s also have a look at foods to never eat before sex.

Reduce sugar in the diet, especially for men, as it lowers testosterone, which is vital for the male’s sex drive.

Get trans-fat out of your diet, which is still found in some junk food. It’s linked to decreased sexual function in both men and women.

Canned food should be labeled BPA-free. In high amounts, it can cause male sexual dysfunction.  Men should avoid soy as it lowers testosterone.

Salt should be reduced for both sexes as it will impact blood flow to the sex organs.

There are many reasons why these foods put a fizzle on your sex life, most of which will be noticeable, but here is a brief list of foods to avoid.

– Alcohol

Dampens sexual desire, decreases arousal and sensitivity.

– Steak

Red meat increases blood pressure, which is terrible for the heart and sexual vitality. It also lowers your blood circulation and sexual function.

– Fatty foods

Lowers your sexual desire, lowers your self-esteem, raises your blood pressure, lowers your blood circulation – fatty foods are not good for better sex, not at all!

Not only do these ‘bad’ foods lower libido, reduce sensitivity or encourage erectile dysfunction, but they can also cause you to give off a certain odor that is not conducive to a sexually attractive odor. And since smell is one of the senses that we use when we are sexually active, it’s well worth considering this before chomping on that burger.  

You can also check out this video that discusses tips on how to have better sex:


So there you have it, folks. Have a little fun in the bedroom, enjoy making each other more sexually attractive with a little help from these foods for better sex.

You and your spouse will surely help your appetite not just to satisfy your hunger, but your hunger for each other with these libido-enhancing foods. Share a wine or a bar of chocolate with your partner and relish your moments together and keep the love and marriage alive.

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